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019 Mobile | A Complete Review for 2022

019 Mobile in Israel

Foreigners looking for mobile plans and internet deals in Israel often come across popular provider names like Partner, Bezeq, HOT, or even 012. All of these are recognized brands in the country and are known.

019 Mobile is possibly the least popular Israeli telecommunications company that still offers good deal plans. This article looks closely at 019 Mobile in general, whether they’re a good option for Olim in Israel, and whether they have any English customer service.

What Is 019 Mobile?

019 Mobile is a virtual mobile network company among the least-known mobile and network service providers. Still, it’s a trustworthy, affordable, privately owned business with a stable network of consumers.

019 has numerous plans for locals, including Student Plans and Kosher Plans. Their monthly plans for locals start from NIS 19.80 (around $6) for their basic lifetime plans to up to NIS 50 (around $15) for the Neftri XL package.

As far as tourist plans go, there are packages lasting 10 days ($29) and 30 days ($39-$49) that range from 10 GB, 30 GB, and 100 GB internet data, unlimited talk and text within Israel, unlimited landline calls to other countries, and a free SIM card.

019 International Call Rates

The international call rates for 019 Mobile differ depending on the plan. Their 30-day unlimited call and SMS deal with 45 NIS in credit to call internationally costs around $50.

Users can purchase credit in shekels for local and international calls that are worth one year with the following rates:

  • 60 NIS credit - $25
  • 100 NIS credit - $38.50
  • 200 NIS credit - $75
  • For pay-as-you-go plans, each call within the 019 network costs roughly $0.31.

Is 019 Mobile Any Good in Israel?

019 Mobile is a reliable company offering relatively affordable services in line with competitors. The company has been operating as a mobile signal and network provider using Partner and Hot Mobile’s infrastructure since 2011.

The company primarily specializes in cellular communication and internet services. Their connection is stable and has good coverage, given that it uses Partner’s network, which is the largest in the country.

There are very few communication difficulties for 019 Mobile customers in Israel. But although the signal matches that of Partner, the internet connection and speed may vary depending on the area.

The company offers different plans for prepaid cards and recharge cards. Customers can use scratch cards to charge their SIM cards with amounts that meet their needs. There’s also an option to charge the card digitally, at points of sale, or by telephone using the company’s service center.

Also, note that 019 Mobile eSIM support is unavailable at the time of writing.

How Is 019 Mobile Customer Service?

019 Mobile has a well-developed customer service system for Israeli standards. You can contact them via phone, Facebook, e-mail, and live chat on the website.

Regarding the quality of customer service, 019 Mobile doesn’t come with your regular MidWest and fast-responding business mentality. You can expect mild-to-moderate delays in getting answers or getting things done. But this is more of a general tendency in Middle Eastern society rather than an isolated case. If you’ve already spent some time in Israel, you are probably used to the phenomenon.

019 Mobile Customer Service Work Hours

The company has a customer service phone number from Sunday to Thursday from 8 AM-6 PM and from 8 AM-1 PM on Friday.

The WhatsApp number or website chat is available to customers from Sunday to Thursday from 8 AM-5 PM and 8 AM-12 PM (noon) on Friday.

019 customer service also has a 24/7 service available via WhatsApp and a landline for customers staying abroad.

019 Mobile Israel English – Does 019 Mobile Offer English-Speaking Customer Service?

019 customer service and website are primarily made to target a local audience that speaks Hebrew. The company also targets English speakers who come to Israel as tourists and has a dedicated website for that audience in English, alongside limited phone and in-store customer support for tourists.

The website with the company’s core services targeting Israelis is in Hebrew and lacks English translation. English speakers must use in-built browser translation tools to access the English version of the content.

We tried contacting their customer service via Facebook, writing in English, and they responded that they provide English customer service. However, after a few questions in English, we got a response in Hebrew.

We also called the phone number on their website to test that part. The customers who call their call center are redirected to a machine that does offer 019 customer service in English after pressing the “#” key.

When we got redirected to the English service, the machine told us we were the next in line. But after a moment, it said they were “helping people who contacted us a moment before you.” And after a few minutes of waiting, the line was canceled on the company’s part.

As a result, we didn’t get to contact anyone from their customer service in English.

If you don’t speak Hebrew, you’ll have to depend on the call center a lot, given that all information on the website is presented in Hebrew. And chances are, you may not always get connected to an agent who can assist you or who speaks comprehensible English.

Think Twice Before Buying 019 Mobile if English Customer Service Is Important to You

019 Mobile service is a trustworthy telecommunication company backed by Partner, one of the country’s leading providers of cellular data and internet networks. However, if you don’t speak Hebrew, you may find it difficult to get in touch with their customer service.

Alternatively, you may want to seek other options that do have proper English support. One such example is TCS Israel.

The main advantage of TCS Israel for English speakers is that an Olim created the company for Olim. TCS Israel aims to support your needs as a newly arrived repatriate to help you better adjust to your new environment. There are currently four mobile plans (Kids, Premium, Platinum, and Kosher Plan) to meet the needs of most customers. There are also affordable international call rates, TV plans, Fiber internet options, and home landline plans.

Best of all, TCS’s website is entirely in English. The customer service, resources, blog articles, and plan descriptions are written in English, so there’s zero communication gap for users who still haven’t gotten a chance to learn Hebrew.

Chat with a TCS Israel representative today to find out how TCS can take care of your mobile and home internet needs.

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