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Anglos in Tel Aviv

Anglos in Tel Aviv TCS

With its vibrant energy and boundless opportunities, it’s no wonder Tel Aviv is a magnet for expats worldwide. Luckily, the White City is nothing but welcoming to its international residents, making their transition to Israel infinitely smoother.

Among these residents bringing a unique flair to the city’s cultural fabric, you’ll find a thriving Anglo community.

But who are these Anglos? Where do they live in Tel Aviv? Which places do they frequent? 

You’ll find answers to these (and many other) questions in our guide to Anglos in Tel Aviv.

The Anglo Community in Tel Aviv

As a global symbol of modernity, progress, and diversity within Israel, Tel Aviv is the No. 1 choice for numerous Anglos moving to the country. Younger Anglos are especially attracted to this cosmopolitan city thanks to its vibrant nightlife and many sandy shores.

English is widely spoken throughout Tel Aviv, so you’ll find Anglos living in various city neighborhoods. Those who can’t afford to live in the city will find a place nearby and commute to Tel Aviv for business and entertainment.

To further foster a sense of community, the Tel Aviv municipality is devoted to welcoming new Olim to the city, allowing them to experience a “soft landing.” New residents will be embraced by the existing Anglo community, which is especially important to those making Aliyah without family.

Where Do Anglos in Tel Aviv Live? 

Where Do Anglos in Tel Aviv Live TCS

Given the city’s open and diverse culture, it shouldn’t be surprising that you can find Anglos all throughout Tel Aviv. Still, some neighborhoods and communities are better at catering to the needs of the Anglo population, making them more desirable. The same goes for specific synagogues that open their doors to Anglos and even conduct their services in English.

Anglo Neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

Before moving to Tel Aviv, you’ll be met with numerous suggestions on where to live. If you want a neighborhood tailored to your needs (school, work, activities, cost, etc.), the best course of action is to contact the Aliyah Coordinator for the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Each neighborhood in Tel Aviv has a unique character. If you want the old-city charm while being surrounded by veteran Anglo immigrants, your choice will probably be the Old North (HaTzafon HaYashan). Those craving a more fashionable neighborhood will feel right at home in Neve Tzedek. At the same time, Florentin will be the ideal place for artsy and laid-back Anglos.

Anglo Communities in Tel Aviv

After arriving in Israel, many older generations of Olim Chadashim from English-speaking countries opted to unite and build their own communities. Thanks to these communities, new Olim had a chance to adjust to their new life while surrounded by supportive people who speak the same language and have gone through the same hardships.

While many successful Anglo-centric communities exist in the country, these are less common in cities as urban and diverse as Tel Aviv. Instead, they’re typically found on the outskirts or smaller cities. So, if you want to live in an Anglo community, your best bet is to find a settlement near Tel Aviv.

If you’re religious, you might like Leshem, a relatively new settlement just 25 minutes from Tel Aviv. Here, you’ll find an active Anglo community and several excellent religious institutions and synagogues.

On the other hand, family-oriented Anglos might like Ra’anana, located 30 minutes from Tel Aviv. The community boasts an impressive number of English speakers, phenomenal schools, and close proximity to many tech employment opportunities.

Anglo-Friendly Synagogues in Tel Aviv

Anglo-Friendly Synagogues in Tel Aviv TCS

Jerusalem might be considered the center of Jewish life in Israel, but Tel Aviv can also hold its own in this regard. Around 500 active synagogues are gracing the streets of this vibrant city, many of them open all week long. 

Staying true to the city’s unique tapestry of cultural diversity, dozens of these synagogues are also open to the Anglo community. 

Check out three synagogues that primarily serve the Anglo community in Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue (TAIS) is one of the oldest synagogues in Tel Aviv, dating back to 1931. Thanks to an American rabbi, Ariel Konstantyn, this lively Modern Orthodox synagogue offers services in English. The TAIS welcomes Jewish people of all spiritual, cultural, and social backgrounds, fostering an environment of acceptance and mutual respect.

Address: 23 Frishman St.

The North Central Synagogue

Every English speaker is welcome to the North Central Synagogue and Community Center, regardless of their level of observance and familiarity with Jewish traditions. The synagogue offers various spiritual, cultural, and educational programs.

Address: 126 Ben Yehuda St.

Chabad on the Coast

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Chabad on the Coast is the first English-speaking Chabad House in the city. As such, it isn’t surprising it primarily serves the Anglo community in Tel Aviv. A U.S.-born couple, Eli and Sara Naiditich, started the synagogue to connect Anglos of various backgrounds to their Jewish heritage. 

Address: 18 Bar Kochba St.

How to Get in Touch With Anglos in Tel Aviv

How to Get in Touch With Anglos in Tel Aviv TCS

Few ways of learning about your new home beat hearing directly from people who have gone through the challenges of relocating to Israel. Facebook is huge in Israel, so you’ll find everything you need in local groups set up on this social media network.

Their number is in the hundreds, and there are virtually no topics they haven’t covered. Whether you need general information like where to live in Tel Aviv or ultra-specific details on the city’s CrossFit movement, vegan restaurants, or thrifty second-hand shops, these groups have got you covered.

Tel Aviv Anglos and English Speakers in Tel Aviv are excellent places to start connecting with your fellow Anglos in Tel Aviv.

Where Do Anglos in Tel Aviv Spend Time?

Many places in Tel Aviv cater to English speakers. However, a few locations stand out among them. Some have been built with the Anglo community in mind, while others managed to attract these English speakers thanks to their unique offerings.

  • Dancing Camel Brewery – A microbrewery packed with Anglos hosting exciting events like storytelling evenings called StorySlam Tel Aviv
  • Young Friends of the Arts – A non-profit hosting Anglos in Tel Aviv’s best cultural institutions
  • Tel Aviv International Salon – A place for young professionals eager to discuss politics
  • White City Shabbat – A community organizing Friday-night meals for Tel Aviv Anglos
  • Yarkon Park – A treasure trove of outdoor sports taught in English
  • Mike’s Place – An authentic American sports bar

Who Are Anglos in Tel Aviv? 

Who Are Anglos in Tel Aviv TCS

Over 450,000 people live in Tel Aviv. Over 60,000 of them are new immigrants who have moved to the city since 1990, primarily settling in the southern neighborhoods. 

The Anglo immigrants come from all over the English-speaking world, with the U.S. leading the race. Other notable countries include Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

On average, these immigrants are slightly older than Tel Aviv’s general population. However, the City That Never Sleeps boasts an impressive percentage of young people (25%), a trend that can also be seen in its Anglo community.

There are a few organizations in Israel that can help Anglos in Tel Aviv acclimate to their new society:

  • The Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel (AACI) – for North American immigrants 
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh – for Olim from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
  • Telfed – for Anglos from South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand 
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