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Best Israel Summer Destinations for 2022 

Summer is on the way and the Israeli government is gradually moving towards scrapping all COVID-19-related travel restrictions. The tourist industry is desperate for foreign visitors and many Israeli families are hoping for visits to top Israel summer destinations from relatives living abroad.

Israel is an amazing country for a summer vacation, with hot weather, a long coastline of golden beaches, great cuisine, and exciting nightlife. Add a friendly and welcoming population, beautiful nature reserves and scenery, and a wealth of historical treasures, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a dream holiday!

Summer 2022 officially starts on Tuesday, June 23rd, and continues until the first day of Autumn on Friday, September 23rd. As far as most Israelis are concerned, summer begins on the first day that it’s warm enough to go to the beach in just a bathing costume.

It may only be the middle of May, but most Israelis have already completed the spring ritual of putting winter clothes and warm duvets away, and are eagerly switching to the summer routine. Israel’s an informal and practical country. Summer clothing often means shorts, vests, and flip flops - and that’s just for the office! 

The initial enthusiasm for the warm weather usually lasts until about mid-July. Once the summer heatwaves roll in, and the humidity hits the coastal strip, the locals start to wilt a little. Olim from colder climates can find the hardcore summer months, especially trying once the novelty wears off after a few years in Israel. If you’re just here for a holiday, or you’re taking a local vacation - the heat can be wonderful!

Top Israel Summer Destinations for 2022

Israel may be a small country, but it’s literally got something for everyone. There’s a huge choice of activities and most of the country is easily accessible, both for tourists and locals. Most places in Israel are fairly close to the sea (or to Lake Kinneret). Israel’s Mediterranean coastline is just over 100 miles long and contains some beautiful beaches. Eilat is a thriving holiday resort on the Red Sea. 

Tel Aviv Yafo

Israel Summer Destination - Tel Aviv

A vacation in Tel Aviv can put you literally within walking distance of a choice of excellent and popular beaches with their own beach cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s a great way to meet locals who love to relax on the sand, or lounge on a beachside recliner. Israelis tend to be outgoing and curious about other people. It’s easy to strike up a conversation and make new friends. 

Tel Aviv is also world-famous for its nightlife. There are neighborhood bars throughout the city - almost on every corner. The Allenby/Rothschild area is packed with bars, pubs, and restaurants. Overall, the nightlife is friendly and accessible and you definitely don’t need to dress up for a good night out. Tel Aviv’s club scene is wild and there’s a big choice of venues. Many younger tourists try a new club every night and go home at dawn, then spend their days recovering on the beach. 

There’s a lot more to Tel Aviv than bars, clubs, and miles of golden beaches. Tel Aviv itself is a modern cosmopolitan city and has some of the world’s finest examples of Bauhaus architecture, as well as museums, theaters, arthouse cinemas, and other cultural attractions. The renovated Neve Tzedek quarter is a charming place to explore on foot. 

A quick trip down the seafront to Yafo (Jaffa) brings you to a Biblical port city that has been continually inhabited for 4,000 years! It is an ancient historical treasure trove that has seen countless waves of invaders and occupiers come and go - and outlasted all of them.  Some say that Jaffa was named after Noah’s son Yafet. Old Jaffa, with the Artist’s Quarter, restaurants and galleries are well worth a walk around. Other sites include the Hassan Bek mosque and the flea market. 

Eilat and the Desert

Israel Summer Destination - Eilat

If you’re a city person or love the sea, Eilat can be an amazing summer vacation destination. There is a caveat though, Eilat is a desert city and summer temperatures often hit 40℃ or 105℉. Don’t be surprised if the mercury keeps on climbing, a heatwave in Eilat is not a rare occurrence. The highest temperature ever recorded in Eilat was 48.3℃ - almost halfway to boiling point. 

One advantage of Eilat is that the heat is dry. It might be baking hot all afternoon, but you won’t suffer from humidity. The preferred remedy is either to take a siesta in an airconditioned hotel room, sit in the shade with a cold drink, or hit the water. Eilat is famous for its coral reefs, and it's easy to rent snorkel equipment. 

If you’re a qualified diver, Eilat and the surrounding Red Sea waters are a paradise. You can also sign up for a basic diving course and experience the spectacular marine life close-up. Alternatively, check out the underwater observatory. Eilat attracts tourists from all over the world (especially Northern Europe) and is popular with Israelis who want a short break. Local hotels offer competitive package deals and there is a good nightlife with plenty of bars and restaurants.  

There’s a lot more to Eilat than glass-bottomed boats, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Try a camel safari in the nearby desert, a jeep tour, or a trip to Timna National Park. The Eilat Mountains aren’t massive, but the scenery is breathtaking. To many visitors, the raw desert landscape, and places like the Red Canyon, seem like something from another planet. 

Tiberias and the Kinneret

Israel Summer Destination - Tiberias

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee or Lake Tiberias) is one of Israel’s best-known tourist destinations. It’s a huge freshwater lake in North-Eastern Israel and part of the complex geology of the Rift valley. The Kinneret is almost 33 miles in circumference and has some lovely beaches. The massive lake is an important freshwater resource but is a popular leisure site. 

The Kinneret is a great place for watersports and boating and its fish supplies some outstanding local restaurants. The Sea of Galilee is one of the most important sites for Christian tourists in Israel (after Jerusalem and Nazareth). There is also a special hiking trail called the Jesus Trail. Although the 40-mile trail is designed to incorporate as many Christian sites as possible, it’s a fascinating hike through some of Israel’s most beautiful landscapes and is highly recommended for any Israeli who enjoys hiking and camping. 

Tiberias is a 2,000-year-old lakeside city that is now a popular Israeli holiday resort. Along with Jerusalem, Safed, and Hebron, Tiberias is one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities. If you’re planning to explore the Galil or Golan, Tiberias can be a good base. There are some excellent hotels for all price ranges, good local restaurants, and easy access to the Kinneret beaches. The Arbel National Park (Mount Arbel) offers some of the most stunning views in Israel. 


Israel Summer Destination - Jerusalem

If it’s your first trip to Israel, you definitely don’t want to miss out on a trip to Jerusalem. Israel’s capital city possibly isn’t everybody’s first choice of a summer tourist destination. You won’t find any sunny beaches, but there’s no shortage of interesting activities. The dry summer heat and cooler nights can make a pleasant change from the sweltering coastal strip too. 

One of the great things about Jerusalem is the city’s light rail or rakevet Kal. You can walk out of the central train station or bus station and jump on the light rail. It makes popular tourist destinations in Jerusalem like the Old City a lot more convenient. The Old City, with its traditional architecture and winding streets, is almost a trip back in time. Visitors can gain at least some insight into how ancient Jerusalem may have looked and felt. 

Almost every visitor to Jerusalem wants to visit the Kotel (Western Wall or Wailing Wall). It’s the surviving wall of the demolished Temple and a hugely important Jewish site. Visitors of all faiths love to follow the almost three-hundred-year-old tradition of slipping a note with a written prayer into a crevice in the Wall. 

Jerusalem is home to the Israel Museum which, before the COVID pandemic, attracted a third of a million tourists every year. If you love history and culture, it’s worth spending a few days in Jerusalem. Check out the Islamic Art Museum, the Bible Lands Museum, and the Holyland Model of Jerusalem.  Music lovers are spoiled for choice with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and Israel  Philharmonic Orchestra in residence. If you visit during Sukkot, you can take part in the non-competitive Jerusalem March, a fun sporting event. 

Jewish Holidays in Israel 2022 

Shavuot and Rosh Hashanah are two important Jewish holidays that are celebrated annually in Israel. The dates of the holidays are calculated according to the traditional lunar calendar, and not according to the modern Gregorian calendar. This means that the holiday dates change every year. 

The two main holidays that fall close to summer 2022 are Shavuot and Rosh HaShanah. If you’re not planning to stay home and attend family dinners, they’re a great chance to getaway. In recent years, we’ve seen a trend toward Rosh HaShanah picnic meals, or family get-togethers in adjacent Zimmers or resort suites. An outdoor Rosh HaShanah dinner on the barbecue can be an event to remember!

Shavuot 2022

Begins Sunset on Saturday, June 4. Ends: Nightfall on Monday, June 6.

Shavuot 2022 technically falls during the Spring, but the early June temperature is typically around 24℃ or 68℉ - and routinely climbs much higher. If you’re an Oleh or a tourist from a colder climate - that’s definitely summer!

If you’re taking a long weekend break over Shavuot, it’s a great time to get out and about in Israel, consider hiring a Zimmer in the Galil or Golan, relaxing and barbecuing by the Kinneret, or hitting the hiking trails in a shady forest somewhere in Central Israel. 

Rosh HaShanah 2022

Begins Sunset on Sunday, September 25. Ends: Nightfall on Tuesday, September 27.

Rosh HaShanah 2022 begins just a couple of days into Autumn, but with any luck, the weather will be perfect. It’s usually the exact moment when the fiercest summer heat has relaxed and the evenings are pleasantly cool. If you want to get away during Rosh HaShanah, but don’t want to fly abroad, there are some superb destinations in Israel. 

If the weather is already a little cooler, it may be worth exploring the desert during the Rosh HaShanah vacation or trying some snorkeling or diving in Eilat. The sea is still perfect at the end of September and the water is beautifully clear. Rosh HaShanah is the time when seasonal harvests are in full swing. It’s a great time to visit local restaurants. 

Visit Israel in 2022

Hopefully, summer 2022 will be a great time to visit Israel. Airlines are keen to win back lost business and there could be some good summer deals from North America and Europe. We’re all really keen to see Israel’s tourist industry bounce back and to welcome large numbers of tourists to our country again. 

If you already live in Israel, this summer will be a new chance to get out and about and really explore the country. We need to snap out of the lockdown mindset and start being spontaneous. Israel is small enough to jump in the car and get a complete change of scene in just an hour or two. A quiet weekend in the Golan or Galil can be enough to completely recharge your batteries. 

If you’re visiting Israel or making Aliyah in 2022, or are welcoming guests from abroad, TCS is always happy to help. We’ll get you set up with a choice of convenient, low-cost mobile plans and offer all kinds of convenient and cost-effective telecom solutions. 

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