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Best Israel Summer Destinations for 2022 

Summer is on the way and the Israeli government is gradually moving towards scrapping all COVID-19-related travel restrictions. The tourist industry is desperate for foreign visitors and many Israeli families are hoping for visits to top Israel summer destinations from relatives living abroad. Israel is an amazing country for a summer vacation, with hot weather,

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Travel Trends That Will Change The Travel Space in 2022

Israelis love to travel abroad, whether it’s a post IDF backpacking trip to Asia or South America, a short break on a Greek island, or a family holiday to an exotic location. Israelis have the travel bug. With the Shekel at its strongest for years and better relations with many Muslim countries, we ought to

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Flying to Israel? Here’s Your Latest Travel Guide

There’s been some great news recently for anybody who wants to visit and is who has plans in flying to Israel. The authorities are gradually rolling back the COVID-19 travel restrictions and opening up the country again.  The goal is to normalize international travel as much as possible and kickstart the Israeli tourist industry after

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Beautiful Nature Destinations in Israel for the Holiday Vacation

Planning A Nature Holiday Vacation? Check Out These Beautiful Destinations in Israel September is not only one of Israel’s most beautiful months, it also has some of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar where vacations are expected especially to beautiful nature destinations in Israel. We’ve already celebrated Rosh Ha Shanah and Sukkot is

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Anglo Communities in Northern Israel: What You Need to Know Part 2

In our previous post we looked at the challenges – and opportunities – that come with making aliyah. One of the keys to making a successful aliyah, and enjoying a great quality of life in Israel, is finding the right place to live. You might think that in such a small country, your location isn’t

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Foreign Travel – What’s the Green List?

Last Updated: June 29, 2021 Plan a trip abroad this summer, avoid quarantine requirements, and make sure you have the perfect cell phone plan for your vacation! Are you ready for a holiday? Israel has – touch wood – beaten the COVID-19 pandemic. We led the way with mass vaccinations and life is pretty much

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