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Furniture Shopping in Israel

Furniture shopping is an elaborate affair. After all, you only purchase new furniture once in a while. When you’re about to start a new life in Israel, or you're an Anglo living in Israel, the task becomes all the more demanding. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to shop for furniture in the Holy Land that even an Anglo can navigate. In this article, I’ll introduce different stores (online and offline) to shop for brand-new or second-hand furniture. 

Types of Furniture Stores 

Shopping for furniture in Israel is similar to shopping in the U.S. in many aspects. Many people visit physical shops, but there are also numerous opportunities for online shopping. The major difference, however, is that Israelis buy second-hand furniture more often. 

Here’s my overview of the most popular places to shop for furniture in the country.

Physical Stores by Location

Whether you’re looking for office furniture, desk, kosher beds, or a couch in Israel, numerous local and international companies and retailers exist nationwide. 

Big Israeli cities boast local furniture shops. I’ll start with a brief overview of where you can look for furniture in some of the biggest cities in the country.

Tel Aviv 

Herzl, Dizengoff, and Allenby streets in Tel Aviv have a wide choice of specialized furniture stores. Whereas Jaffa Market is the place to go for antique furniture shopping.

Jerusalem (Yerushalayim)

Multiple local furniture stores (including high end) are available on the Yad Harutsim, General Pierre Koenig, and Yirmiyahu streets. Other popular stores are located on Shu’afat Street, Ha-Soreg Street, and on Beit Lehem road.

Efrat/The Gush

Efrat doesn’t boast many options for furniture shopping. Its vicinity to Jerusalem makes the experience more convenient. A bed shop is available near Efrat called Gush Etzion Factory Store (פולירון מזרנים - חנות המפעל גוש עציון). 

Beit Shemesh

Beit Shemesh has a few furniture stores worth checking out if you’ve just moved to the city. The area around the Nachal HaKishon Ave (near Mishkenot Ya’akov Square and Ha-Simkha Square) has three local furniture stores. HaUman Street near the Shderat ha-Oman shopping mall is also a good place to look for furniture. 

 Another local store is located on Mahol Maor Street just across the Or Shalom Synagogue.


The highest concentration of furniture stores in Haifa is located around the “Big” shopping mall, on Shlomo Ben Yosef and Guglielmo Marconi streets. 

Dahan furniture is a popular furniture store worth checking out on Bialik Street in the city center. If you’re located in the southern part of the city, Maor B.H. Furniture on Nahum Het Street is an excellent store. 


Furniture shopping in Ra’anana is centered around HaHaroshet Street and HaTa’asiya Street. All the furniture shops are nearby so you can check multiple places in a short time. If you’re into wooden furniture, you can visit Butcher’s Furniture store on Ha-Mayasdim Street. 


Numerous local furniture stores are located around the Ishpro Center Modi’in. Head down Ha-Ganan Street from the Ishpro Center and you’ll find some nice baby furniture shops as well as modern furniture stores. 


The best place for furniture shopping in Ashdod starts at the intersection of Ha-Avoda and Ha-Nekhoshet streets and ends at the end of HaOrgim Street. A short car ride from one end of the area to the other, and you’re bound to find good quality furniture at good prices. 

You can also try the Israeli Center for Furniture on Ha-Bosem Street. 


All furniture stores in Ashkelon are located in the Ramat Eshkol suburb to the east of the city. Start at HaPlada Street then continue to Tsahal Street and up on Herzl Street for an ultimate furniture shopping experience in Ashkelon.

Popular Furniture Stores in Israel

Now let’s look at some of the most popular stores. 

Shomrat Hazorea 

Shomrat Hazorea is one of the oldest Israeli furniture companies. They offer a wide range of furniture for the whole house. The company has nine stores in Israel, including one in all the big cities, and runs an eCommerce website. 

Note that this retailer’s prices are slightly higher, but the quality is guaranteed. You can always look for discounted items on the website (up to 50%) to make savings. 


Like most of Europe, IKEA is one of the most popular furniture stores in Israel. 

You can purchase furniture in IKEA’s physical store in Netanya, Rishon LeZion, Kiryat Ata, Bet Shemesh, and Haifa. If you live in other cities, you can shop online at IKEA’s website.

Beware that the prices in IKEA keep rising, meaning the store isn’t the most budget-friendly furniture shopping option anymore. Newly arrived Olim from the Northern countries (Norway, Finland) report that prices in IKEA are double that of prices in their own countries.

Beauty Byte is an excellent store if you’re looking for stylish, modern furniture for your new home in Israel. The company has two stores in Jerusalem and a website for online purchases. 

Chasdei Shmuel

Chesdei Shmuel is an Israeli-based company that sells baby products and furniture. They have a store in Jerusalem, but you can also make purchases on the website. 

Online Websites 

Online shopping is widely popular in Israel. Israelis are eco-conscious and often buy second-hand items on the web, including furniture. Dozens of online bulletin boards help citizens find what they need, from home appliances to beds, chairs, bikes, and cameras. 

Below are the most popular websites, including second-hand and new furniture options. 


Homeless is one of the most popular online shopping websites in the country. Having been around for over 20 years, it offers extensive information about cars, properties, job opportunities, pet services, and more. 

The website has a used items section where furniture is available in all shapes, forms, and sizes. However, don’t expect to find new items. They only feature second-hand furniture.


Yad2 is a popular website serving as a business directory, property sale, rental, course finding platform, and online shop for babies, furniture, pets, and more. Although the site’s name points to second-hand items, you can also find new items for sale. The “kniyot” section is for new items, while “yad shniya” is for second-hand products. 

Much of the furniture on the website is below retail price. Your “where to buy a couch in Israel?” search might just end here. is a popular website for furniture with more than 5,000 items. They sell complete living rooms, TV furniture, beds, garden items, dining rooms, office furniture, and just about any other piece of furniture you may need. 

The company ships across Israel, with the shipping fee depending on the price of your order. 

Blanket Express Plus 

Blanket Express Plus doesn’t sell furniture, but you’ll love learning about it as an Olim. It’s one of the rare English-first websites created by Olim for Olim.

This website sells new items in multiple categories like bed and bath (comforters, towels, linens, pillows, protectors, and mattresses), toiletries, storage and cleaning, electronics/appliances, kitchen, dining, etc. 

The prices are in USD or NIS. You can arrange home delivery as well. 

Ebay, Amazon 

Ebay and Amazon also have shipments to Israel. However, these two websites should be your last resort. You’ll likely wait longer and pay more for shipping. The postal service in Israel isn’t the best either. 

Besides Blanket Express Plus, none of the websites above (except eBay and Amazon) have services in English. If you’ve got some Hebrew basics, now’s the time to brush up on that rudimentary furniture vocabulary. You can always use translation or shop at websites that feature images in furniture category lists like IKEA for a smoother experience.

Alternative Options 

Physical stores and online retailers are just some of the places where you can shop for furniture. 

Facebook Groups

This idea may not have crossed your mind, but it’s popular in Israel. Anglos and other foreign nationals who make it to Israel can find answers to any question on dedicated Facebook groups. Tel Aviv Everything and Secret Tel Aviv are two of the most popular groups you can look for furniture. 

Flea Markets 

Shuks or flea markets in Israel aren’t just for souvenir shopping. You’ll find charming vintage furniture stores in shuks in Tel Aviv (notably the one in Jaffa), Jerusalem, Haifa, and other big cities. If you’re after old school, unique furniture that doesn’t break the bank, make sure to visit these places. We highly recommend the Shuk Hapishpishim (the Jaffa Flea Market) in the heart of the old city. 

Street Finds 

If you’ve lived in Israel for a while, you may be surprised to find a random dining room table, kitchen utensils, or shelves on the streets or near benches. Tel Aviv, in particular, has a thriving culture of “gifts” or furniture and items people get rid of by placing them on the road for others to take. 

You may find this weird at first, but before long, you’ll dispose of your furniture in a similar fashion. When in Rome… 

Be careful about the things you take, though. Couches or mattresses aren’t a good idea due to lice. On the other hand, used tables, bookshelves, and chairs are completely fine. I know people who have equipped most of their apartments with street finds, and the quality of the stuff was surprisingly good. 

What to Be Aware of During Furniture Shopping and What to Expect 

As you already know, life in Israel is expensive. Like any other category, furniture can cost a fortune. One of the reasons why second-hand stores are so popular is their (somewhat) lower price. 

Many Olim find shipping their furniture from their home in the U.S. or Europe more affordable. If you’re only planning to make a move, you can consider this option. Contact international moving companies to arrange a shipment to the Ashdod Port in the south of Israel. This option would be best if you have a family with kids and tons of furniture you don’t want to sell. 

Note that shipping bulky items doesn’t typically make sense if they won’t fit your new Israeli home. Apartments in Israel are much smaller than the typical American home. 

Follow the easy tips below to make furniture shopping in Israel easy and efficient:

  • Don’t be afraid to bargain when purchasing furniture in physical stores, especially if you buy things in bulk. Bargaining is a common practice in the Israeli (and Middle Eastern) culture. The sooner you get used to it, the sooner you’ll fit into your new environment.
  • Research the product first. Check multiple stores for product availability if you’re looking for kosher beds or any other furniture. Chances are, you’ll find the product you want at another reseller or online shops for cheaper. 
  • Call the company first if purchasing online. Unless you’re buying from reputable websites that don’t need double-checking (which you should), phone the company to ensure an actual employee picks up the phone. 
  • Purchase off-season. If you’re not in a rush, wait for seasonal discounts (end of January to February), where you can purchase furniture up to 70% off. 
  • Avoid purchasing furniture in malls, as it will be more expensive. 
  • Unless you speak Hebrew, sellers will regard you as a tourist. This is yet another reason to bargain and verify the quality of the product before making a purchase to avoid getting scammed.

Make Furniture Shopping in Israel Easier With TCS

Israel is a Hebrew-first country. Whether you’re looking for a mobile plan, schools to sign up the kids, or beds in Israel, you can expect service in Hebrew. Fortunately, with some pre-shopping preparation, the experience of buying furniture as an Anglo can be less of a hassle.

A reliable internet connection and an excellent mobile plan make it easy to search for stores nearby, browse Facebook groups, and read online reviews. TCS Israel is an English-first company with affordable plans, including high-speed fiber or broadband home internet, SIM cards, TV packages with 120+ channels, and more. Make sure your new life in Israel gets off to a good start. Check out TCS Israel for your mobile and internet connection needs. 

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