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Internet in Tel Aviv

Uprooting your entire life to make Aliyah and move to Tel Aviv is a challenging decision. But all the advantages of living in this vibrant city can make this decision easier. Year-round incredible weather, a burgeoning international community, and a thriving business and cultural scene are just some of the benefits.

But to fully enjoy your new life in Tel Aviv, you need to set things up properly. And getting a reliable internet connection from a trustworthy service provider is a vital part of this setup.

From working remotely to keeping in touch with loved ones, high-speed internet has long moved from the nice-to-have to the must-have category.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at your internet options in Tel Aviv and all the internet-related info an Oleh Chadash should have.

How to Set Up an Internet Connection in Tel Aviv

Before discussing the internet options in Tel Aviv, let’s go back to the basics. Setting up an internet connection in Israel differs from the way it’s done in most English-speaking countries, so this information will probably be brand new to you.

To gain access to the internet in Tel Aviv, you’ll need two services instead of one.

The first service is referred to as the internet infrastructure or Tashtit. Many telecom companies in Israel offer infrastructure as a part of their internet packages. However, the infrastructure typically comes from two source companies – Bezeq (dial-up and ADSL) and HOT (cable internet). Simply put, infrastructure is the backbone of your internet connection.

As for the second service, you’ll need to get an internet service provider (ISP) or a Sapak. As the name suggests (Sapak in Hebrew literally means provide), this is where the actual internet service comes into play. That’s why Anglos living in Israel are lucky (sarcasm) to have numerous ISP options from which to choose.

The choice between ISPs should boil down to the following factors:

  • Internet speed (Offering fiber internet is a must.)
  • Service reliability (You should have a service that guarantees consistent up-time in your area of Tel Aviv.)
  • Customer support (If you don’t speak Hebrew, English-speaking customer support is a lifesaver)
  • Pricing and contract terms (Look for reasonably priced packages with no hidden fees.)

Choose your ISP wisely, and the company will take care of the infrastructure, which means you only need to arrange one service. 

Which Internet Providers Are Available in Tel Aviv? 

Given that Tel Aviv is nicknamed the “Startup City,” it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s no shortage of technology in the area. The same goes for internet providers; they’re competing vigorously to prove who can service the area better or said better, who can provide the better deal (service is not really a strong point with Israeli internet companies).

So, when looking for the best internet options in Tel Aviv, the following ISPs will probably pop up:

  • HOTnet
  • Bezeq
  • TCS Telecom
  • Cellcom
  • Partner Communications
  • Bezeq International
  • 012 Smile
  • 099 Primo Communications
  • Pelephone
  • XFone 018 

Although it’s already lengthy, believe it or not, this list promises to keep growing as new ISPs emerge in Israel almost yearly.

Which Internet Providers Are Available in My Area of Tel Aviv? 

Being committed to turning Tel Aviv into a powerhouse of tech innovation, the Israeli government has made extensive efforts to provide a high-speed internet connection for every household in the city. So, whether you live (or will live) in Neve Avivim, Neve Tzedek, Neve Ofer, or Florentin you should have access to all the internet providers in Israel.

Of course, you should still contact your desired ISP directly before signing a contract. Give them your exact location in Tel Aviv, and you’ll know whether it’s served by that company in no time.

Those who want to know all the details before committing to an ISP can go a step further and ask their neighbors about their experiences with a particular service. Just because your location is serviced by an ISP, doesn’t mean you’ll get the fastest internet in Tel Aviv through it.

How Do Internet Providers in Tel Aviv Line Up in Terms of Services and Speed?

Those seeking the fastest internet in Tel Aviv shouldn’t think twice about getting fiber internet. Thanks to extensive efforts by the leading telecom companies, fiber internet in Tel Aviv has become the norm. There are very few households left without access to a fiber optic network, especially those in high-density residential zones.

TCS, Bezeq, and HOTnet are among the leading providers of blazing-fast fiber internet in Tel Aviv. The packages typically start low (100 Mbps) and go as high as 2,500 Mbps. 

Whether you want to stick to the conventional internet options or go fiber, Tel Aviv providers offer numerous services and packages to meet every need. Check the description of each package to find out what it entails.

Does the package include a router? How much does the router cost? Is installation free? Does the package price go up after the first month? 

These are just some of the questions you should keep in mind when reviewing the many internet options in Tel Aviv.

What Are People Saying About the Service? 

A reliable connection, optimum speed, and excellent coverage are typically enough for Tel Aviv residents to sing praises to an internet service provider. However, if you’ve just made Aliyah and your knowledge of Hebrew could use some work, customer service and support are other critical factors to consider.

Let’s say your chosen ISP doesn’t offer customer service in English (pro tip: none of them do except for TCS). How will you ever set up an internet connection when you can’t understand what’s being said to you? Even if you manage to get this first step out of the way, what will you do for billing inquiries, troubleshooting, and complaints? 

To avoid stressing out each time you need to reach out to your ISP, we suggest working with a provider that offers flawless customer service in English.

Unfortunately, this is no easy task. Go to any service review website and type “English” as a filter. Not a lot of options will appear on the screen – if any. 

The only option constantly praised by the users in this department is TCS Telecom. This company was built by Anglos for Anglos, so English is a mainstay every step of the way, from gathering information on the company’s website to receiving monthly bills. 

Does Tel Aviv Have Free Wi-Fi? 

To the delight of anyone who hasn’t managed to set up an internet connection before traveling to Israel – yes, Tel Aviv has free Wi-Fi. Not only that but there are over 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in this busy city (according to the Wi-Fi Map app).

For the most part, these spots are in fast food restaurants (Pizza Hut, McDonald’s), hotels (Ultra, Shenkin), and similar facilities. However, there are also dozens of locations throughout the city where the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality set up free Wi-Fi hotspots. 

These hotspots are intended for Tel Aviv residents and visitors alike, letting them enjoy a speedy city-wide internet connection free of charge.

But don’t let the “free of charge” part of this service make you forget about all the risks of using free Wi-Fi. If you aren’t careful enough, your devices can be hacked or infected with malware. Think of all the sensitive data you store in them, and you’ll understand why you want to avoid this scenario at all costs.

So, if you have to use public Wi-Fi, make sure to also use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your internet traffic.

Do the Beaches in Tel Aviv Have Free Wi-Fi? 

Tel Aviv is known for its beautiful beaches lined with soft, white sand, characterized by a lively atmosphere, and packed with attractions. Among those attractions, you can also find free Wi-Fi. 

So, the next time you’re surfing on Hilton Beach or Dolphinarium Beach, you’ll also be able to surf the internet for free. But be careful. As we mentioned, never use public Wi-Fi without security precautions, such as a VPN and firewall protection. 

Beaches aren’t the only public places to offer such a perk. You’ll also find free Wi-Fi in parks, entertainment centers, and tourist attractions. This extensive network of free Wi-Fi hotspots results from the city’s efforts to position itself as a tech hub, a place fostering innovation and encouraging creativity.

Why Consider TCS Telecom for Your Home Internet Services

Living without high-speed internet is unthinkable, especially in a forward-leaning city like Tel Aviv. Having poor internet means having limited business opportunities, sluggish or no communication with your loved ones, and no way to join the vibrant online Anglo community in Tel Aviv. No one could build a life in conditions like that, let alone someone who has just made Aliyah.

Fortunately, there is an internet provider in Tel Aviv striving to help Olim Chadashim overcome all the telecom challenges of living in Israel: TCS Telecom.

This entails having access to English-speaking customer service representatives, an English-language website, and monthly bills in English. This English-first approach allows Olim Chadashim to comfortably settle in their new environment while learning Hebrew.

But no matter how important having that kind of access is, it would be useless without excellent service to back it up. So, Anglos living in Israel can choose between four high-speed internet plans and three fiber internet plans. Get a standalone package or bundle your internet with a landline, mobile phone (with international calls), and TV, and make the transition to Tel Aviv as seamless as possible.

Contact TCS Telecom today and sort out all your telecom needs in one fell swoop.

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