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Mesh Wifi Network in Israel: Your Complete Guide

There’s a major demand for wireless mesh networking in Israel. Everybody wants the strongest possible home wifi signal, particularly in large households with multiple devices. There’s still a lot of confusion about how Mesh wifi differs from repeater wifi systems and wifi mesh prices in Israel.

If you’re planning to upgrade your home internet to mesh wifi, you’ll be bombarded by online ads from Be Mesh (Bezeq), Mesh KSP, Deco Mesh/TP-Link Deco, and a variety of other products, deals, and service providers. As with all telecom services in Israel, there’s a big range in actual value for money, product quality, and service standards. We’ll explore how Mesh wifi can transform your online experience and how to get the best all-around mesh deal and service package in Israel. 

We’ll also feature a tech-savvy Olah Hadashah who solved her home wifi issues with a fast and convenient mesh wifi solution courtesy of TCS. Read for the full rundown on mesh wifi and how to fix wifi blindspots for good!

Why Do We Need Mesh Wifi?

We often hear complaints from Olim about the quality of their home wifi signal. The main issue seems to be blindspots, particularly when people live in homes with multiple floors. Gardens, balconies, converted loft space, and basements are the usual troublespots, but interior walls and staircases can also disrupt signal strength across the main living space. 

Full wifi coverage is essential if you’ve got a house full of kids who demand perfect wifi signals in their bedrooms or if you have a home office with a dedicated corner for Zoom meetings. Equally, if you like to take your laptop and sit in a sunny spot or move around the house in search of a quiet corner, you also need optimal wifi coverage. You may also need internet coverage to work on projects if you have a garage or workshop. 

Old fashioned wifi routers were cutting-edge technology when they first became available to home internet users. The freedom wifi routers provided compared to physically restrictive cable connections massively outweighed their limitations. The original wifi was revolutionary, but user expectations have grown over the last few years. We now expect super-fast internet with full coverage as a matter of course. 

What is Mesh Wifi?

Mesh wifi takes the basic concept of a wifi router and uses multiple routers to create blanket coverage across a home or workspace. Mesh routers are designed to be plug-and-play and simple for home installation. Using a mesh system, you don’t need multiple network names or irritations that often come with wifi signal extenders. 

  • Wifi extenders are designed to boost the signal given out by an old-fashioned router. The main disadvantage of wifi extenders is that you usually have to change networks to connect to them. They are hit-and-miss and don’t necessarily eliminate signal blindspots. If you’re not tech-savvy, you may need a technician to install wifi extenders.
  • Mesh networks work separately from your existing router wifi. You can easily connect the mesh devices and manage them conveniently with a smartphone app. The average non-technically minded home internet user can usually easily manage a mesh wifi system. 

Smart mesh routers connect and communicate with each other. If you have a large home e.g. 3,000 square feet or more, with multiple stories and brick or concrete walls, you can add additional mesh routers until all signal blind spots are eliminated. The mesh wifi devices function as a single, seamless network and your computer or smartphone can switch between mesh routers as you move around. The base router interacts with satellite routers that function as nodes. They share information and data, meaning that you are always connected. 

The Pros and Cons of Mesh Wifi?


Mesh wifi is already very popular in Israel and is aggressively marketed by major companies. Mesh KSP, Be Mesh, and Deco Mesh are well-known across the country. Most of the advantages of mesh wifi are already pretty well-known, but there are still a few disadvantages too. 

  • Mesh is simple, reliable, and user-friendly. The average person can master it on day one.
  • Mesh is pretty good at providing wide wifi coverage and eliminating internet blindspots. 
  • There is no signal disruption between mesh routers. You don’t need to switch connections when you move around. 
  • A good mesh app allows you to micromanage your network. It’s usually possible to create guest networks, cut off or restrict specific nodes, test the signal quality between connection points and connect your smart devices. IT staff and techies can do some things with an old-fashioned router, but a mesh app makes it easy for everyone. 
  • Mesh networks provide excellent security. Newer mesh routers can often also automatically detect and update the firmware.


  • Wifi mesh prices can quickly mount up if you have a big home with multiple floors. Even a duplex can require two or three mesh routers (especially if you are trying to gain wifi coverage in a secure room or mamad). 
  • A mesh network may be an unnecessary expense. Try repositioning your traditional router before you tackle blindspots with a mesh wifi solution. If you live in a medium-sized home, a wifi extender might be a cheaper solution to blindspots. If your internet is slow or patchy, you may need an upgrade to fiber. 
  • Not all Israeli mesh wifi prices are reasonable. Be very careful if you buy mesh routers in a store or via a major telecom provider. Plenty of sales sharks will sell you more devices than you need - at inflated prices. As with most technology, prices will probably come down, and capabilities will go up. Buy one or two mesh routers and see how it goes. You can add more devices later if you still have annoying blind spots. 

How to Get Mesh Internet in Israel

Mesh Wifi at KSP

If you plan to buy mesh internet routers in a store and install them yourself at home, KSP is a good place to start. There are over 50 KSP branches across Israel, and the staff is fairly knowledgeable regarding mesh. KSP wifi mesh prices can vary throughout the year, so it’s worth checking for deals like Black Friday sales. Most of the mesh products available at KSP are tp-link Israel models. 

Internet Deals with Be Mesh

If you’re looking for an inclusive home internet deal that includes mesh, Bezeq’s Be Mesh is a popular option. Bezeq advertises its Be Mesh deal at just NIS 29.9 per month. They promise a flawless plug-and-play experience with no complex installation and complete network coverage. They conveniently fail to mention that you’ll also need an internet plan and initial bandwidth for the Be Mesh technology to distribute around your home. 

If you opt for Be Mesh, your annual wifi mesh price will be in the NIS 360 per year. On the face of it, that might be cheaper than buying mesh technology at KSP or another computer store. However, it’s worth doing the math and working out how many mesh devices you need and how many years of service you expect to get out of a store-bought system. You may also want to buy your mesh tech online or abroad. Bezeq would not invest in a major service like Be Mesh unless they saw the potential for a  healthy profit.

Olah Hadashah Cindy Fixed Her Internet Blindspots with TCS

Olah Hadashah Cindy made Aliyah from the US last year and moved into a beautiful duplex. She loved her new home, but it wasn’t the best design for full internet coverage. Her existing router wasn’t powerful enough to distribute an even wifi signal, and there were several blind spots. 

Cindy decided to upgrade her home internet but didn’t want the hassle of dealing with Israeli customer service or shopping around the local computer stores. A phone call to TCS and a five-minute conversation with a native English-speaking rep were enough to get everything sorted. TCS sent a technician who quickly installed mesh wifi and took care of all the signal black spots. Cindy has a perfect continuous wifi signal throughout her duplex and can work online wherever she wants. 

Check out what Cindy had to say about TCS and her new mesh wifi: 

TCS: The Simplest Solution for Mesh Wifi in Israel

If you need to fix internet blindspots or want the freedom to sit in the garden with your laptop or iPad, the easiest way to get connected is with TCS. Instead of chasing around and trying to figure out the difference between tp-link deco and deco mesh or whether Be Mesh offers value for money, have a quick chat with TCS. 

TCS is an Israeli telecom company with a difference: it was founded by Anglos, for Anglos - and does everything in English. The TCS website is in English, the customer support team is native English-speaking Olim, and all contracts and billing are in English. When you contact TCS, you can expect a fast and friendly response - and top-quality advice about your home internet and other telecom services. 

Unlike other Israeli telecom services, there’s no aggressive upsell at TCS. What we take pride in doing is helping customers to find the service that suits them. We’ll explain all the options if you need home internet: super-fast broadband deals, fiber internet, mesh, etc. We’ll also explain how to select a bundle of services including mobile deals, landlines, and TV packages.

We'll get you connected without hassles if you want a single, stand-alone service.

If you want to consolidate all your telecom requirements under a single account - it’s done! We’ll call your existing suppliers and transfer your accounts to TCS. There's no extra charge, and you don’t have to call Israeli customer support teams to close your old accounts or make the transfer. TCS is about simplifying your life, cutting out the sharks, and getting the customer service standards you deserve. 

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