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Partner Internet: Everything You Need to Know

Partner Internet in Israel

Veteran Olim in Israel may remember a telecom company called Orange. It was one of the biggest and best-known mobile service providers in Israel and had distinctive and attractive branding. Since 2016, Orange Israel has been doing business as Partner Communications Company LTD. The company's branded name, which consumers might hear referred to by consumers, is either Partner or Partner Israel.

Partner's Services

Partner Israel offers a range of telecommunication services, including its Partner Fiber, a choice of superfast fiber optic internet deals. If you've been driving on any of Israel's major highways, you may have seen Partner's massive advertising billboards with the catchy slogan תגידו לגידי or Tell Gidi. We'll check out the pros and cons of Partner internet services and see how their internet deals perform- efficiency, availability, value for money, and customer service. 

Partner - The Basics

Partner is based in Rosh HaAyin, Israel, not far from Tel Aviv, and is a national telecom services provider for all of Israel. It trades on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and Nasdaq as PTNR. Partner is a close rival of Bezeq and has previously achieved revenues of over a billion shekels. Partner is one of the big beasts in the competitive Israeli telecom industry and has a major as a mobile provider and high-speed internet provider.

Partner Communications Company is a modern, high-tech company that is on par in terms of mobile and internet technology with most of its counterparts in the US and EU, as well as with the South East Asian telecommunications giants. You'll have access to world-class technology using Partner internet or Partner WiFi. 

Is Partner Internet any Good?

Partner internet is a reliable service that delivers plenty of bandwidth and is generally glitch-free. It compares favorably to Israeli rivals Bezeq and Hot. There's little to choose between all the major telecom companies and internet providers in Israel. Partner fiber and WiFi can easily deliver enough bandwidth to cover all your household internet requirements. 

Partner communications company is a massive enterprise with years of experience in the Israeli telecom industry. They have a strong corporate infrastructure and can get new clients connected quickly and efficiently. They also have the budget and resources to offer good sign-up deals and internet packages. Partner Israel is also clearly committed to research and development and can attract major talent to its design teams.

If Partner Israel has an Achilles heel, it's the company's customer service - especially for Anglos in Israel. There is currently no Partner Israel English website (the main site is available in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic), and the customer service call center can be a nightmare if you don't speak fluent Hebrew.

Partner Fiber 

Undoubtedly, ultra-fast fiber internet can transform your online experience and wider quality of life. The latest research shows that it's easier to find professional-level employment in Israel if you have home fiber internet. There are also all the benefits of operating an effective home office with (almost) unlimited file and data transfer and full video conferencing. 

We like Partner fiber and are generally quite impressed by the available bandwidth, Partner WiFi, and the basic selection of monthly internet plans. Partner fiber can deliver up to 1GB download with 100MB upload. That's perhaps not the best bandwidth deal in the world, but it's still more than enough for the average domestic internet user. Partner fiber certainly compares favorably to many similar service providers. 

3 Reasons to Choose Partner Fiber

  • No peak hour disruption
  • Widespread availability across Israel
  • Flexible choice of affordable internet plans

From a technical perspective, Partner fiber is a good choice for a home internet user. The company has a good reputation for integrating the latest technology and takes research and development seriously. There's no complacency when it comes to delivering future technological innovation. The problems with other Israeli service providers begin with their customer service and accessing technical support. 

Sign up for Partner Fiber here.

Partner Customer Support

Israeli call centers can be a real headache for Olim. You must speak to an English-speaking customer service rep if you're new in Israel. Some call centers recognize the need and offer an English-speaking option via a number pad. Expect a long wait, and don't bet on finally connecting with a rep who speaks fluent English.

Veteran Anglos in Israel might think their Hebrew is good enough for everyday situations. You can be shocked when you're talking on the phone - especially on your mobile - and the sound quality isn't great. An inpatient call center rep firing a series of terse questions in Hebrew tech jargon can be completely baffling. If you suddenly find your Partner internet down, you could be in for a difficult and frustrating day.

We're not singling Partner customer support out as particularly bad service. They are no worse than most other Israeli companies and major service providers. The issues and problems you'll encounter at Partner are the same in any Israeli call center. If you have a problem with your home electricity bill, need to check your pension plan, or have an issue with Bituach Leumi, you can expect the same dramas.

Most of us depend on high-speed home internet - both for the basics of life and work and for recreation. If you have a houseful of teenagers or share an apartment with roommates, you need a quick fix if you find Partner internet down. You don't want to search around for the Partner's internet phone number and then spend a frustrating hour navigating their call center menus.

The same applies if you need to upgrade to a new internet plan, get connected when you move into an apartment, or terminate your account and transfer to a better internet provider. The 'one size fits all concept of customer care in Israel has its roots in old-fashioned Israeli bureaucracy. Apart from red tape, a major problem with the Israeli economy is the lack of real competition. Many big companies still have an ingrained 'take it or leave it mentality toward customers. Their staff also lacks the incentives to provide top-quality customer care and focus on client retention.

Does Partner offer English Speaking Customer Support? 

Partner Israel English-speaking customer support is limited and haphazard. If you're persistent, you can eventually connect to an English-speaking rep. There are still two possible problems: Firstly, the rep's English might not be that great. Secondly, the representative might not have the authority to deal with your particular issue. You can still be bounced around the call center - particularly if you need to speak to a technician. Partner doesn't have an English-speaking call center that can deal with all issues and eventualities. 

Israeli call centers generally experience a high turnover of employees. It's a job that attracts part-time workers like students and young kids saving up for a post-IDF backpacking trip worldwide. Even when Israeli companies identify a need for dedicated English-speaking customer support, they struggle to recruit quality reps. Assigning English-speaking staff to support roles is a hit-and-miss process. 

Plenty of high-tech companies in Israel do the bulk of their business with foreign clients. They can afford to recruit Olim with language skills and train them in specific customer service roles. The Israeli companies that regard customer service as a professional role and are willing to invest in staff training and development are a minority. The new outlook hasn't filtered to companies like Partner, HOT, or Bezeq. 

What Anglos in Israel think about using Partner

Anglos in Israel think using Partner is a trade-off between getting good basic internet service and meeting Israeli customer service standards. There is no Partner Israel English website (despite Israel having over a quarter of a million English-speaking Olim). Many new Olim will ask an Israeli friend to help them sign up for Partner Internet. Fortunately, Israelis are usually keen to help and have few inhibitions when taking charge and getting the job done. 

One major gripe for Anglos in Israel is monthly billing in Hebrew. The format of the actual bills can often be unnecessarily complicated and uses the kind of Hebrew terminology that isn't covered in Ulpan Aleph. Many Israelis struggle to decipher their monthly bills and understand all the small print and implications of a standard telecom contract. Anglo in Israel have no chance and often end up paying more than they should - or miss out on the services, offers, and upgrades they are entitled to. 

Anglos in Israel often sign up with Partner because an Israeli friend or colleague recommended the company or saw an attractive introductory offer. If you sign up with Partner, you will get a market standard high-speed internet deal - either conventional broadband or Partner fiber. You won't get Partner Israel English services because they don't exist. 

Get Partner Fiber with English Customer Care

The good news for English-speaking Olim in Israel is that they can subscribe to Partner internet (including Partner Fiber) via TCS. This simple and pragmatic solution can make life a lot easier. TCS is a Jerusalem-based company that operates entirely in English. It was founded by English-speaking Olim in Israel, who were frustrated by the poor service standards and unnecessary complexity of the existing Israeli telecom industry. TCS works directly with Partner internet but provides complete account management and customer care in English! 

How to get Partner Fiber with TCS?

It's easy to get Partner fiber with TCS. You can sign up for Partner internet as a stand-alone service or include it in a comprehensive TCS package with a selection of mobile, landline, and TV deals. All you need to do is contact TCS and speak to an English-speaking rep. 

  1. All TCS customer service reps are native English speakers. They are friendly, courteous, and won't annoy you with an Israeli-style 'hard sell' attitude. 
  2. You can usually expect to be dealt with in under 5 minutes if you call TCS during office hours.
  3. TCS customer service reps are trained professionals who can assist immediately with all aspects of account management and technical support.
  4. TCS provides itemized monthly billing in English. You will know exactly what you are paying for and won't be hit by hidden fees or service charges. 
  5. If you have to call and report Partner internet down, TCS will be on it immediately. They will identify the cause of the problem and fix it fast!

Get Partner fiber from TCS now.

I Already have Partner Internet - Can I move to TCS?

You can easily switch to TCS if you already have Partner internet/Partner fiber. Our English-speaking Customer Service team will take care of all the administration and transfer your Partner account to TCS. All we need is your authorization via an online form. You don't need to contact Partner's internet phone number or have any other communication with Partner. It's a fast and simple process. You'll keep your Partner's internet but receive English language billing and English-speaking customer service from TCS. 

Is Partner Fiber Internet Available Near Me?

Partner fiber uses the existing national fiber internet infrastructure. Therefore Partner Fiber is available anywhere that there is a current Fiber Network. 

Living in a remote community may still have to wait a year or two to connect. Nationwide fiber internet is a high economic and strategic priority in Israel, and the State is pushing hard to extend the infrastructure. 

If you want Partner fiber, a quick call to TCS will be enough to see if your community already has fiber optic cables. You can sign up for Partner fiber in English with TCS if you do. Alternatively, TCS will put you on the fiber update list and contact you as soon as your neighborhood has fiber internet. After that, getting connected or upgrading your existing account is simple. 

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