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Skycall Israel | A Complete Review | TCS Israel

Israel isn’t short of mobile network providers. Residents, tourists, and newly arrived Olims can find numerous options to suit their budgets and preferences. 

Skycall is a good example of an innovative Israeli firm. Here’s everything you need to know about their services and whether their customer support is good.

Who Is Skycall Israel?

Skycall Israel is a new mobile network company that was the first to offer eSIM cards. The company operates from Haifa but serves customers remotely across the country. 

Skycall is owned by Sky Telecom. They specialize in providing advanced services, including cellular plans, robust network connection, and eSIM services. In fact, it’s the eSIM functionality that makes this company special. 

What Is eSIM?

eSIM is a tiny chip embedded in a mobile phone’s circuit board. The chip offers the functionality of a SIM without the users having to insert a card into a phone physically. 

There are numerous advantages of eSIM:

  • Possibility to store multiple eSIM cards
  • They make a phone stronger. Manufacturers can reduce the size needed for the SIM card tray to enlarge components like the battery. 
  • You no longer need to depend on a paperclip or expose hardware components to the elements. 

In short, think of an eSIM as a digital version of your physical SIM card. 

The leading Israeli mobile companies with a long-term presence on the market still lack eSIM functionality. Pelephone, Partner, Hot Mobile, or Golan Telecom, despite their strong network of customers and advanced technology, still lag when it comes to eSIM. In this regard, the revolution in technology started with Skycall. 

What Does Skycall Offer?

Skycall or Sky Telecom offers numerous communication packages. The company focuses on rapid technological advancement and is passionate about providing its customers with advanced services. 

Besides the eSIM service and 5G network coverage, the company also offers Sky Telecom packages for all categories. Both businesses and private mobile phone owners will find suitable Skycall plans. 

As a Skycall member, you can manage your Skycall mobile plan, network settings, and bill payment from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to make trips to the store to pay last month’s check. 

Here’s an overview of the features offered in Sky’s personal area:

  • Switching between packages
  • Entering your personal information 
  • Activating your SIM 
  • Receiving invoices
  • Purchasing additional internet packages
  • Checking your package usage balance
  • Paying the bills 

Skycall customers can do all this and more using the official website ( to log into their accounts. There’s always the option of calling the hotline for assistance if you run into problems. 

Skycall offers a full range of packages. Note that all of them include eSIM support. Also, all prices are lifetime prices. 

Below is an overview of Skycall plans you should know about.

500 GB Plan 

The 500 GB plan is Skycall’s most expensive and comprehensive plan. It encompasses 5,000 call minutes and 5,000 SMS messages. The lifetime price for the 500 GB plan is 59 NIS per month. 

This plan is the most you should expect to pay for calls, texts, and internet usage inside the country. You can always upgrade to one of the international deals for extra coverage abroad. But more on international plans later. 

300 GB Plan 

The 300 GB plan comes with 5,000 minutes, 5,000 SMS messages, and 300 GB of internet data. The lifetime price is 35 NIS per month. 

This mid-level plan is a pretty good deal, given that most competitors offer less than 300 GB in their mid-range options. 

12 GB Plan 

The company’s 12 GB plan is ideal for users who don’t rely on the internet. The plan also includes 5,000 minutes and 5,000 SMS messages. The price is 25 NIS per month. 

3 GB Plan 

The 3 GB internet data plan offers 1,000 call minutes and 500 SMS messages. The lifetime price for the 3 GB plan is 16 NIS. 

The plans above are regular plans most customers use. The company also offers roaming plans.

Roaming Packages – International Packages

Other than the standard packages for inside the country, Skycall plans also include the aforementioned roaming packages. You can purchase this package additionally after applying for a standard package or pick a roaming option right from the start. 

Note that all Skycall’s roaming packages are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

The plans are available for around 60 countries, including most of Europe, the U.S., Canada, China and East Asia, South America, and Australia. A full list of supported countries is available in Hebrew and Arabic on Skycall’s official website. You can use a translator tool to translate the list into English. 

Below is the overview of the internet packages, along with their pricing for 30 days. 

15 GB Plan

The 15 GB roaming package includes 60 minutes of calls and 15 GB of internet, costing 210 NIS. 

30 GB Plan 

The 30 GB plan encompasses 180 minutes of calls and 30 GB of internet. The price is 299 NIS. 

Internet Browsing Packages

Users who only want internet access abroad can benefit from more affordable plans. 

1 GB Package

The price for a 1 GB package is available for 70 NIS. 

3 GB Package

The 3 GB package costs 199 NIS. 

Telecoms Packages 

There are also plans for users who only need to use calls during their stay outside of Israel:

  • 60 Minutes plan that costs 49.90 NIS
  • 180 Minutes plan for 129.90 NIS
  • 300 Minutes plan costing 199.90 NIS

Golden Numbers 

The company also offers a service called Golden Numbers. Customers can pay an extra fee to get a golden number of their choice. There are three categories of numbers from which you can choose:

  • Bronze – 399 NIS
  • Silver – 699 NIS 
  • Golden – 1999 NIS 

The Golden Number service is suitable for businesses that wish to have a distinctive number their customers can easily remember. 

The company has a short survey form on the page for this service where users can write down the number they want. 

To sign up for Skycall services, customers can call *3610. This number is also suitable for users who wish to purchase an international roaming package.

Does Skycall Offer English Customer Support?

Skycall offers customer support in English. The company has a hotline (*3610), a phone number (077-3635461), an e-mail address ([email protected]), a WhatsApp number, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

It’s important to note that Skycall predominantly serves Israelis who are Hebrew speakers. Their website has an English version, but the content only partially exists in English. For example, you can’t access their FAQ page in English. The only language available is Hebrew. 

Also, the Packages page with general information about Skycall plans is only partially in English. You’d need the help of a translator or someone from their team to assist you in creating a plan. 

Regarding responsiveness, we contacted the company on their Facebook account and received an answer in English the next day. 

How Does Skycall Compare to Its Competitors?

Skycall is a relatively new company, and very few people know about it. This article may well be the first review of the company in English. 

Their short presence on the market prevents us from getting an objective image of how this company ranks against competitors. In terms of internet network speed, most users report excellent performance. 

Furthermore, given that Skycall is among the rare companies in Israel to offer eSIM plans, this feature gives them an advantage over the competition. 

However, despite their team being fluent in English, the level of professionalism lags behind other providers like TCS Israel. For example, Skycall English support is slightly behind the Olim-oriented TCS. 

Skycall is mostly focused on the Israeli market and Hebrew speakers. You can expect limited availability of information in English on their website. As a newly arrived Olim, you may find this a major drawback. 

In terms of the offer, Skycall ranks well but doesn’t have an unlimited internet data plan. If you need a stable plan with a lot of internet data, the most you can get with Skycall is 500 GB. 

This being said, most households (not individual users!) need around 600 GB for internet and broadcasting. Unless you’re downloading serious content on your phone, you can most likely get by with 500 GB of mobile data. 

Skycall is also more expensive compared to most of the competition. However, they do have some generous data offers that most other competitors lack.

Skycall – Yes or No?

Skycall is a solid mobile network and eSIM card provider. Users who speak Hebrew can expect smooth, high-quality service, fast internet speed, and effortless account management. 

However, problems arise when you’re an Olim who still hasn’t mastered the Hebrew language. This is when the experience becomes more challenging, regardless of the high-end service. 

If you’d rather get a mobile plan with an English-first company that specializes in supporting Olim clients, you should consider TCS Telecom Israel. Visit our official page for more details about our plans and services.

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