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Summer in Israel

Whether you’re making Aliyah to Israel in summer as an Olim, or you’re simply a tourist visiting the country from the U.S., it’s a good idea to prepare your travel kit before you make your trip. Summers are different everywhere, after all, and it might be a different climate than what you’re used to back home. 

This article will help you understand what to expect in Israel during summer in terms of weather and how it compares to large cities in the United States. It will also provide practical tips for your summer trip and list some summertime activities that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in the Land of Israel. 

When Does Summer in Israel Begin?

When Does Summer in Israel Begin?

Expect to see the first signs of summer in Israel making their appearance in late May. By the time July and August roll around, the temperature will be rising to its peak. Summer in Israel lasts through September before finally giving way to cooler weather. The days are long and sunny, and there’s virtually no sign of rain.

What’s the General Climate Like in Israel During Summer?

The majority of Israel is in a subtropical climate zone. Even though that can change from region to region, summers in general are pretty hot and dry. You’ll feel the heat differently depending on how far you are from the sea. 

Case in point: Tel Aviv and Haifa. The temperature in these two cities is more on the moderate side thanks to the Mediterranean. But then there’s the humidity. It rises over 90% at its peak, making you second-guess the temperature on your thermometer. On the other hand, Jerusalem and the Negev Desert are hit with higher temperatures and lower humidity since they’re located inland. Seeing rain here during summer would really be an eye-opener. 

What Are the Historical Averages of Summer in Israel?

What Are the Historical Averages of Summer in Israel?

Let’s go through the historical averages of some of Israel’s most popular cities. 

Tel Aviv

In the White City, average high temperatures in June jump to 84 degrees F. The apex comes in August, with the temperature rising to 87°F. The lows typically sink to around 71 degrees F in June and 75 degrees F in August. Because it’s located in a coastal area, Tel Aviv experiences lots of humidity even though the city goes through a dry spell from July to August with almost no rainfall.


The temperature fluctuation between Tel Aviv and the capital city is a matter of a few degrees. Temperatures in Jerusalem average between highs of 82 degrees F in June and 86 degrees F in August. At its lowest, the temperature falls around 64 degrees F in June, rising to 68 degrees F in August. Just like Tel Aviv, rain is a rarity in Jerusalem during summer. Here’s an interesting fact: even though it’s hotter in the capital city, the heat is easier to deal with because there’s no humidity.  


Haifa is on the same strip as Tel Aviv. It’s facing the Mediterranean Sea, which means it gets a fair share of summer humidity. The average highs here are somewhere around 83 degrees F in June and 87 degrees F in August. When things cool down, the temperature averages 70 degrees F in June and then 75 degrees F in August. Similar to Tel Aviv, rain is nowhere to be found in Haifa during summer. 


Summer in Israel is especially hot in the country’s south. If you’re in Eilat, don’t be surprised to see average highs reaching 104 degrees F in August. This is definitely a region that’s dry as bone in summer. But don’t let that deter you from a visit! Because of the heat, the water is always perfect for a swim in Eilat. 

How Does Summer in Israel Compare to Major US Cities?

How Does Summer in Israel Compare to Major US Cities?

If you’re going in the opposite direction – from Israel to the U.S. – prepare for a slightly different kind of weather experience. Let’s see how summer in Israel compares to some major U.S. cities. 

Los Angeles

The City of Angels gets hit with temperatures that go as high as 79 degrees F in June to about 85 degrees F in August, without a lot of rain in sight. The closest Israeli cities to LA in terms of climate would be Tel Aviv and Haifa. Well, minus the humidity. Los Angeles has a climate that’s dry for the most part.

New York City

The Big Apple is in the same ballpark as Israel’s capital city when it comes to summer temperatures. A June trip to New York City will let you experience a temperature of about 79 degrees F at its peak, dropping down to around 64 degrees F at night. By the time you get to August, the thermometer will hit around 83 degrees F. That’s pretty similar to Jerusalem. The only difference between the two cities is that New York City gets its share of rain even in June. 


You could compare the heat waves in Phoenix and Arizona in general to Eilat and other regions in the south of Israel. Summer temperatures in both cities reach up to 104 degrees F and 100 degrees F in August. If you’re from Arizona, a summer trip to Eilat and the surrounding areas will make you feel right at home. 

Life Hacks for Summer in Israel

Life Hacks for Summer in Israel

If you’ve never been to Israel in summer, these tips and tricks will come in handy:

Drink Up

Water is your best friend in Israel on a summer trip. Always carry containers of water with you wherever you go. It’s easy to get dehydrated under a scorching sun and sipping water now and then will do you a world of good. Add a bunch of ice cubes to your water and carry it in a flask to keep it cool throughout the day. Sports drinks and fruit juices are packed with vitamins that keep you going, so you can grab some of these as well. 

Protect Your Skin

Add sunscreen, sunglasses, and light clothing to your travel kit if you’re planning on spending your summer in Israel. All of these will protect you against the heat and prevent those sunburns that are notorious for ruining vacations and trips. Sunscreen is definitely a survival item if you’re traveling to Israel with children. 

Look for Shade

Depending on where you are, the peak hours for heat in Israel are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is when you should avoid outdoor areas or at least walk under shade to avoid heat exhaustion and sunburns. Just a heads up: look at what locals are doing to survive the heat. You’ll most likely see them staying indoors. If you have to be outside, grab a small umbrella. Umbrellas are great for creating shade as you stroll through the cities. 

Things to Do When You Visit Israel in Summer

Things to Do When You Visit Israel in Summer

Even though the heat packs a punch, there’s plenty to do in Israel in summer. Here’s how you can spend your summer in Israel and tick all the boxes:

Enjoy the Outdoors 

Don’t limit yourself to indoor activities! Grab some sunscreen and hit the beaches for a swim The heat warms up the water, and it’ll feel like you’re swimming in a heated pool. You’ll find some great beaches in Gordon Beach and Herzliya in Tel Aviv. If you want to snorkel and scuba dive, head to Eilat. 

If you swam too much or are water-shy, pick a trail in one of Israel’s national parks like Masada and Ein Gedi, and go for a hike. Pro tip: explore these areas early in the morning before the sun shines to say hello. 

Spending your summer in Israel isn’t just about hiking and swimming. Spend the season visiting the country’s many historical landmarks. Since you’ll be walking around a lot, it’s a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time. Make sure the locations are within walking distance of each other. 

After a day of exploring, you’ll get the chance to experience the Israeli nightlife in summer! The temperature cools down at night, making it nice enough to explore the cities on foot, stop for a bite to eat, and shop around for souvenirs. 

Take Part in Summer Festivals and Cultural Events in Israel

Take Part in Summer Festivals and Cultural Events in Israel

Israel has a rich cultural heritage that’s always on display at the country’s festivals and events, many of which take place in summer. You’ll get to hang out with locals and feel the vibes of the country’s diverse cultural influences. The events are unique, and there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.

Jerusalem Film Festival

If you’re a movie buff, then don’t miss the Jerusalem Film Festival! It takes place every year in July and is the go-to festival if you’re into screenings and special premieres of films from directors from around the world. A lot of international stars and film critics also show up, so don’t be surprised to see one of your favorite actors or actresses walking around the city. 

Tel Aviv Pride

Tel Aviv is home to the Middle East's largest Pride Parade in June, showcasing the city’s reputation for celebrating diversity of all kinds. You’ll see Tel Aviv come to life with colorful parades, parties, and beach events. You’ll be joined by more than 100,000 tourists from all over the world in celebration of inclusivity and showing support for the global LGBTQ+ community. 

Red Sea Jazz Festival

Time to raise some jazz hands by the Red Sea. If you’re planning a visit to Eilat in August, make sure you don’t miss the Red Sea Jazz Festival. What makes this festival a must-see, you ask? It’s simple: it’s a jazz festival featuring outstanding performances from both local and international jazz maestros, all playing against the backdrop of the Red Sea. 

Karmiel Dance Festival

If you’ve ever imagined yourself dancing away in Israel like there’s no tomorrow, then the Karmiel Dance Festival in Galilee is for you. It takes place in July, and you’ll want to join the fun as dance groups from everywhere visit to showcase unique dances and hold workshops. 

Jerusalem Light Festival

This is one of Jerusalem’s most otherworldly festivals and takes place in June. The entire Old City is illuminated by light installations and displays that are made by artists from Israel and around the world. Throughout the festival, you can walk around Jerusalem and capture memories in the glowing landscape. 

Other festivals that take place during summer in Israel are the Haifa International Film Festival which is usually held at the end of June and early July, the Season of Culture festival in Jerusalem in July and August, the Tiberia Kinneret Swim in September (right before the weather cools down), and the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival in August. 

It’s Time to Plan Your Summer in Israel!

It’s Time to Plan Your Summer in Israel!

Now that you know what weather to expect in Israel during summer, it’s time to plan your trip. Whether you're visiting as a tourist from the United States or making Aliyah, knowing what to pack and how to deal with the heat will make a huge difference in enjoying your summer in Israel. Remember, stay hydrated, carry sunscreen, and wear the right clothes, and you’ll enjoy your summer trip to the Land of Israel.

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