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We4G XFONE in Israel: Everything You Need to Know

What is 018 XFONE, and is it Right for You?

Most Olim and Anglos in Israel don’t look further than the major service providers regarding mobile and internet deals. Major players like Pelephone, Partner, Orange, Bezeq, Smile, and 012 Mobile dominate the media with aggressive advertising campaigns. Still, smaller companies like XFONE have distinctive We4G and 018 xphone brandings competing for customers. 

We’ll give you a broad overview of XFONE in this blog post. We’ll also take a closer look at We4G 5G. We’ll explore international calls, internet service, mobile deals, We4G e-sim, We4G WhatsApp, and XFONE customer service (particularly the quality of We4G English services). Finally, we’ll compare the overall XFONE experience with rival telecom service providers in Israel and see whether they represent genuine value for money.

A Quick Guide to 018 XFONE

XFONE was founded in 2000, and the company has changed hands several times. Following a dispute with the Israeli telecom giant Cellcom, XFONE was recently sold to the Reichmann family for $300. Its short to medium-term future seems reasonably secure as a virtual network operator in the Israeli market. 

The world of Israeli telecom service providers is complex and surprisingly interconnected. Anybody with previous experience with Israeli internet and mobile provider's work probably won’t be surprised to learn that if you sign up for XFONE 018 Mega Internet services, the actual infrastructure could be supplied by Bezeq or HOT. 

Are We4G 5G/Xfone Internet Deals Any Good?

The short answer is that a few aspects of XFONE’s services are pretty good. Their overall telecom service is below average and doesn’t offer anything that half a dozen other mobile and internet providers in Israel don’t already offer. XFONE 018 fixed-price internet packages are available in 100Mb, 200Mb, 500Mb, and 1,000Mb deals.

The internet package prices don’t include free routers or additional installation fees. The prices quoted on the XFONE 018 website are comparable to other Israeli internet providers. You shouldn’t expect to make any significant savings over a year. 

 We4G 5G Fiber Optic Internet

XFONE is part of the wider push to connect the entire country to the fiber optic infrastructure. The company offers a range of fiber internet deals, but there is nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary in terms of pricing or bandwidth. If you want to sign up for We4G 5G Fiber Optic, you must complete an online form and wait for a callback from a company sales rep. It may be possible to bargain and obtain a better deal, but it won’t represent a massive annual saving. 

XFONE International Calls - We4G חול

XFONE 018 offers flagship packages for international calls. These deals are potentially interesting for Olim and Anglos in Israel who want to stay in close contact with family and friends abroad or work and maintain international business links. At first glance, the XFONE 018 deals offer great value for money at either NIS 6.90 or NIS 9.90 per month. 

When you read the terms of the international call packages, the deals aren’t that great. If you sign up for a We4G חול call deal, you need to be clear about which destination countries include mobile numbers and which are restricted to landline numbers. You also need to check the actual number of minutes that your deal entitles you to. If you inadvertently exceed the maximum entitlement, you’ll be billed extra. 

 A monthly fee of NIS 6.90 might seem like a pittance, but it’s money down the drain if you don’t use the service. Companies worldwide enjoy a steady income for people who sign up for unsuitable services on impulse - and then forget to cancel their standing orders. Life in Israel is twice as tough. If you want to survive and prosper, don’t be a frier!

Are We4G 5G Mobile Deals Any Good?

The We4G website (a different site than the Xfone internet and international calls site) boasts of a mobile revolution. The brand offers an entirely conventional range of mobile WeFun deals. Pricing is comparable to other companies like Golan and 012 Mobile. You must read the small print regarding international rates and data, minute banks, and monthly browsing entitlements. 

We4G is just another Israeli telecom brand that operates more or less in sync with its competitors regarding pricing and features. We4G offers fewer packages than some rival companies, but the core mobile and cell phone packages are all middle-of-the-road deals. Prices range from NIS 39.90 to NIS 59.90 for promoted mobile deals. Add-ons and services may cost extra - so read the small print and don’t make any assumptions about your actual monthly bill!

Kosher Plans at WeG4

If you’re looking for a Kosher cell phone deal or family packages, you’ll need to try one of the other service providers. WeG4 doesn’t currently offer Kosher mobile deals and has no plans to introduce Kosher deals. The brand is geared mainly toward young, secular consumers.

We4G eSIM and SIM Activation

There are no actual We4G eSIM options, but you can easily activate your WeG4 SIM online. There’s a dedicated page on the website for SIM activation, and the process is fast and convenient. Given the We4G target market and branding, we may see a We4G eSIM in the future. The company values new technology and competes in a tough market where technical innovation counts. 

We4G English Site and Options

Xfone 018 (018אקספון ) is a minor league, Israeli telecom provider. They have not invested in an English-language website.  We4G 5G, We4G חול, and other associated XFONE services like international calls are only available in Hebrew. If you want to sign up for an 018 mobile or fiber internet deal, you’ll have to take a potluck by connecting to an English-speaking rep. 

Contracts, billing, newsletters, and advertising for new deals and upgrades are all in Hebrew. If you don’t read Hebrew to a high level, you can miss out - or inadvertently sign up for services that aren’t completely right for your personal telecom needs. 

The lack of a We4G English site is a bigger issue than companies like 012 mobile and Bezeq or HOT. If you opt for an 012 mobile package, it’s pretty straightforward. When you deal with Xfone, life gets a bit more complicated. Some deals are provider and infrastructure (sapak and tashtit ספק ותשתית), other deals are just sapak, while some deals are just sapak for HOT tashtit). It’s confusing enough for most native Israelis and can be a nightmare for Olim and English-speaking Anglos. 

Important -  We4G and English Speaking Israelis

Unless you are fluent in Hebrew (or have a native Hebrew speaker to help), we do not recommend signing up with 018 Xfone. The xfone internet and international calls website is not particularly well designed in the first place. You may struggle to find your way around even with a browser-based translator or Google translate. At a minimum, you’ll need to be crystal clear about sapak, tashtit, and which internet packages are old-fashioned broadband and which are for fiber optic internet. 

If you’re looking for cheap mobile deals in Israel or reliable broadband or fiber packages, there are easier companies to deal with than 018 Xfone. Their website is a bit of a minefield, even for fluent Hebrew speakers, and it’s better to avoid the risk of confusion in the first place. 

We4G Support and Customer Service

We4G support and customer service are what you’d expect for a minor to a middle-ranking Israeli telecom company. There is currently no dedicated We4G English-speaking customer service team. Some We4G support staff do speak English and are genuinely helpful, but the process of connecting to one appears to be entirely random. 

Generally, We4G support conforms to the standard Israeli service model that (on a bad day) ranges from brusque impatience and indifference to outright rudeness. Israeli call centers have a high turnover of employees, and customer service is seen as an unrewarding temporary job rather than a profession. 

The chances are that if you do call customer service, you’ll be dealt with by a bored teen. Or a recently discharged IDF soldier who speaks basic English and has zero interest in solving your problem. Israeli customer service always gives priority to new sign-ups and upsales. Keeping existing customers happy is somewhat lower on the list of priorities. We4G doesn’t offer customer support via Whatsapp or live chat. If you need assistance, you have to telephone their call center. 

One thing we seriously dislike about Xfone internet is that their call center only works during office hours. The call center closes at 16:00 on weekdays, which can be a nuisance if you have a demanding job or busy daily routine. It also closes at 13:00 on Fridays and doesn’t provide coverage on Saturdays and holidays. If you experience any disruption to your internet outside office hours - that’s your problem!

We4G support isn’t terrible by Israeli standards, but it falls well short of the customer service standards that most Anglos and European Olim expect. We’ve also had some reports of people who expressed an initial interest in signing up for an Xfone mobile or internet package being pestered by cold-calling reps. 

018 Xfone and We4G Take Away Points

Generally, we don’t recommend either 018 Xfone internet, international calls, or We4G mobile to English-speaking Anglos and Olim in Israel. They don’t provide dedicated English language options, and there is potentially a lot of hassle involved in finding the right internet service and signing up. 

  • 018 Xfone internet and international calls, and We4G mobile is a complete non-starter for anybody who wants to consolidate all their telecom services with a single supplier.
  • None of the internet or mobile deals stands out against deals offered by other telecom providers in Israel - pricing, entitlements, or terms of service. 
  • 018 Xfone internet and We4G mobile customer support is standard Israeli customer service. It is patchy and inadequate at best and infuriating at worst.

Get a Tailored Telecom Deal with Real Customer Service 

TCS can make your life much easier if you seek convenience and top-quality customer service. The company is one of Israel’s fastest-growing service providers and is becoming hugely popular with Anglos in Israel. There are three key reasons TCS is winning the hearts and minds of English speakers in Israel. 

  • TCS was founded - and is staffed - by English-speaking Olim. The website is in English, customer service reps are native English speakers, and all contracts and itemized monthly bills are in English. You don’t need a word of Hebrew to enjoy being a TCS customer.
  • TCS customer service matches the very best US, UK and EU standards. You’ll be dealt with in a few minutes if you call during working hours. Our staff knows what they’re doing and take pride in helping our customers. 
  • TCS offers genuine flexibility. You can opt for a stand-alone telecom service like a mobile or internet plan. Alternatively, you can choose a tailored TCS Bundle with mobile, fiber, broadband internet, home phone, and satellite or cable TV packages. If you want to change or upgrade your bundle, you can get it done with a quick phone call. 

You can join TCS or switch from your existing service providers right now. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of all the admin, including transfers and account management. 

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