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Business Internet

Business Fiber Internet will transform your business functionality.

Running a business in Israel is hard enough dealing with Israeli customer service and Israeli providers. It’s time to upgrade to Business Fiber internet from TCS. Our lightning-fast Fiber solutions will literally transform the way you do business. With TCS Business Fiber, you’ll experience speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional broadband, enabling you to upload and download large files, stream video conferences, and share content with ease, all while experiencing English speaking customer service.

This means you and your employees will spend less time waiting for files to upload and more time on value-added tasks, improving your overall business efficiency. Plus, Fiber internet’s superior reliability means you can count on consistent speeds and uptime, reducing downtime and lost business opportunities. Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. Switch to Business Fiber internet from TCS and take your business to the next level.


Stay Connected with TCS

Get connected today with a high-value bundle of Business high-speed internet, mobile, landline, and TV plans! Get all your Business telecom services from a single supplier, with itemized billing in English and fast customer service!

Get a reliable and stable connection

  • 1000MB Lighting Fast Fiber
  • Superior reliability and consistent speeds
  • Free and fast installation

Stay connected - local and international

  • Business mobile & landlines plans
  • Unlimited International Calling
  • Free Virtual Number

Keep up to date with premium TV content

  • Seamless streaming of high-definition content on large screens.
  • Reduced lag time and buffering for smooth and uninterrupted presentations.
  • Ability to run multiple high-bandwidth applications at once, without compromising performance on large screens.