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Ideal for Harmony Residents

High Speed Internet

TCS can quickly get you connected with high speed broadband or fiber internet. Unlike other Israeli companies, we don’t hit you with separate charges for infrastructure and supply.

Mobile and Landline Deals

Choose from our landline and mobile phone plans. We can also add an extra virtual number to your mobile SIM or landline. This is a US UK or SA number that functions exactly as though you were still in that country!

Get all your TV choices in one place

TCS TV packages give you access to over 120 global channels. Get the latest movies, sports, top documentary channels + FOX and CNN.

See why Anglos in Israel love TCS!

Check out the latest reviews from satisfied TCS customers and see why Anglos in Israel love our high-speed broadband, flexible international mobile plans, and TV packages.

Google rating score: 4.8 of 5, based on 83 reviews

Why does Harmony Recommend TCS?

  • TCS is the only company that understands the needs of Olim and Anglos in Israel.
  • TCS never uses hard sell tactics or pressures customers to sign up for extra services the don’t need.
  • TCS always provides genuine improvements and upgrades whenever technology and infrastructure improvements make it possible.

Who is TCS?

TCS is one of Israel’s fastest-growing telecom companies. It was founded by English-speaking Olim in Israel and is run by Anglos, for Anglos. TCS is here to seamlessly accommodate your communications needs as you fulfill your dream of living in Israel.

We provide a complete A-Z telecoms service under a single roof – and everything we do is in English. The emphasis is on convenience, transparency, and providing real customer service and value for money.

Sign up now and see why TCS is so popular with Anglos in Israel.