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An Affordable Package that Meets Your Needs

TCS flexible high-speed internet plans are ideal for single people, roommates, families, and small businesses. We’ll get you connected quickly, and keep everything simple and transparent with an itemized monthly bill in English. Unlike other Israeli companies, TCS will never hit you with separate charges for infrastructure and supply.

Sign up today and we’ll transform your online experience!

Stay Connected with TCS Fiber WiFi

Fiber Optic cables use light waves instead of electrical signals to send data. That means you’ll get faster performance and more consistent speeds than you’ve ever experienced. Fiber optic 5G internet service always maintains peak-hour performance and will transform your home and business communications.

Get connected today with a high-value bundle of high-speed internet, mobile, landline, and TV plans! Get all your services from a single supplier, with itemized billing and fast customer service!

Get a reliable and stable connection

  • 500MB high-speed broadband
  • Fiber optics where coverage exists
  • Free and fast installation

Stay connected - local and international

  • Ultimate online experience
  • Great for multiple users, binge streaming and sharing large files
  • Consistently fast speeds with over 99% reliability

Keep up to date with premium TV content

  • 120+ TV channels with the latest
  • Get CNN and Fox News
  • The latest movies, dramas, documentary & educational channels

Feel at home with the TCS service for Anglos in Israel

TCS is a unique telecommunications service in Israel. Our business is run and operated by Anglos, for Anglos!

We understand the challenges of making a successful aliyah and adapting to life in Israel. TCS provides all its telecommunications services in English and under one roof: that means itemized monthly billing in English and a friendly customer service team recruited from English-speaking Olim.

When you sign up with TCS, you’ll get the high service standards that you expect, as well as a flexible choice of affordable internet, phone, and TV services.
You can also expect regular upgrades as communications technology develops and the Israeli infrastructure improves.

See why Anglos in Israel love TCS!

Check out the latest reviews from satisfied TCS customers and see why Anglos in Israel love our high-speed broadband, flexible international mobile plans, and TV packages.

Google rating score: 4.8 of 5, based on 83 reviews

Get the Most Out of the Internet!

You need high speed internet that you can rely on! You also need real customer service from an English speaking company. TCS is unique: It’s run by Anglos, for Anglos. We deliver the service standards that you expect.

Our tailored internet deals will cover all your online needs:

  • Live stream movies
  • Download music
  • Online gaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Home office

It doesn’t matter how big your household is. When you’re with TCS, you can operate as many devices as you like. There’ll never be competition for bandwidth.
If you just need the basics, we’ve got you covered too. The great thing about TCS is that our English-speaking customer service team is just a phone call away. If you have a question, need an upgrade, or want to change your plan, we’ll get it sorted!

When you call during business hours, it currently takes an average of less than 5 minutes to connect to an English speaking TCS rep!