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from ₪39/mo

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4 plans
from ₪39/mo

For Anglos by Anglos

Choose either a single stand-alone service or get a convenient bundle with a choice of high-speed internet, mobile plans, landlines, US/UK Phone numbers and TV packages for everyone in the family to enjoy. All TCS customer service and itemized monthly billing are in English!

See why Anglos in Israel love TCS!

Check out the latest reviews from satisfied TCS customers and see why Anglos in Israel love our high-speed broadband, flexible international mobile plans, and TV packages.

Google rating score: 4.8 of 5, based on 83 reviews

“Changing was easy!
I filled out one form and
TCS did everything for me!”

Jamie Geller – Celebrity chef & Television producer

Take a second to complete our simple online form and a native English-speaking rep will get back to you shortly. We’ll identify the best telecommunications solution for your needs and get you connected with no fuss and no delays – and there’s absolutely no hard sell!

Our people make the difference

It’s the quality of our team, and our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients, that makes TCS Israel’s most user-friendly service provider.

Friendly Customer Service

If you contact our English-speaking customer service team, for any reason, your call will be answered on in under 5 minutes during business hours.

Consolidate with a Single Service Provider

Cut the stress out of dealing with multiple companies and receive all your phone, internet, and TV services from a single reliable provider!

Who are we?

Powered by TalknSave, TCS Telecom is the proud communications provider to thousands of Anglo-Israelis. We’re also one of Israel’s fastest-growing telecommunications companies.


Whether you’re an Oleh Hadash – or you’ve been here for decades – we’ve got all the information you need about how to get the most out of your internet, cell phone, and other communications technology in Israel.

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