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Pro Bundle

Local SIM ₪99
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Home Internet ₪189
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Home Phone ₪109
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₪ 397 / mon
₪ 349 / mon

Home Internet

Fast & New Modem

200Mb speed

Network Infrastructure

Local Internet Provider

Installation- Free!

₪ 129 / Mon

Local Home Phone

Local landline number

Unlimited incoming calls

Unlimited outgoing local calls

₪ 109 / mon

Mobile With Data

50GB of 4G LTE Data

Local Calls - Unlimited

Local Texts - Unlimited

Intl. Calls Unlimited** more info

Intl. Roaming - 2GB per Month

SIM - Free

Virtual Number - Free !

* Minimum Length of Contract: 3 months

₪ 99 / mon


GOLD Intl. Calls

Local Virtual Number !

Unlimited Incoming Calls

Unlimited Outgoing Intl. Calls !

₪ 139 / Mon

TV Plan

Premium TV content

CNN and FOX news included

120+ channels

Free installation

₪ 199 / mon
* All plans include Israeli VAT (17%)
** Unlimited - fair use 2000 min

Who Are We?

Powered by TalknSave, TCS Telecom is the proud communications provider of thousands of Anglo-Israeli residents each year. Our team is just like you, as most of us are Olim from the English speaking communities as well.

Our top priority is to provide you with great communication services to make your home in Israel feel as natural as possible. We are here to seamlessly accommodate your communications needs as you fulfill your dream living in Israel.
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How Can We Help You?

1How do I call internationally from my mobile phone?
Dial (00) + country code + area code + the full phone number. Example: (00) 1 718-1234567.
2How do I dial internationally from my TCS landline?
Dial 014 + country code + area code + phone number.
3What international destinations are included in the TCS mobile plans?
For all international destinations that are included in the TCS mobile with data plan - Click here.

For all international destinations that are included in the TCS Kids mobile and Kosher plans - Click here .
4What international destinations are included in TCS landline plans?
USA and Canada landlines and mobiles. UK landlines. Call a TCS agent for more destinations.
5What’s not included in the TCS plan?
Any paid phone services, B144 call directory (144), Calls that begin with an ‘ * ’, calling cards, and forwarding access numbers.
6Opening hours in our Jerusalem office address
11 Beit Hadfus Street (lobby 4, -3) Givat Shaul, Jerusalem Sunday-Thursday 9:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m Fri 9:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m (Israel time)
7What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
Call us immediately at (02) 655-0332 to have the line disconnected and replace your SIM card. If you cannot reach us, please email with the subject URGENT: Phone Lost/Stolen. You are responsible for any calls made from the phone until the request is made.
8Can I port my number from another company to TCS?
Yes, you can. Call (02) 655-0332 and we’ll be able to port in your number from a different provider.
9 What shipping options are you offering?
We offer courier delivery all over Israel and pick up from our Jerusalem location.


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