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Our Story

How we built our company

When Yonah Berzon established TCS in 1999, he wanted to make it easy for the Israeli international community to reach anyone abroad. Soon he realized there was a deeper need beyond a telecommunication service. That’s when Yonah’s brother, Yirmi, jumped aboard to groom the TCS vision further.

Together, the Berzon brothers built a company that’s meant to provide exceptional international customer service to anyone who lives in Israel. As Israel is a melting pot of immigrants from across the globe, the TCS team was built on the value of inclusiveness.

Today, the TCS team is able to think and communicate in your language, so YOU feel HEARD. As the company grew, TCS has become the proud communications provider of thousands of international Israeli residents each year. The TCS team is just like you, as they come from different parts of the world as well.

TCS is here to seamlessly accommodate your communications needs as you fulfill your dream of living in Israel.