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Bezeq Internet: Everything You Need To Know

Reliable high-speed internet is essential to lead a normal life in Israel, but knowing which service to choose can be hard. Bezeq is a familiar brand - even for Olim - and is often the default choice for many business and domestic internet users. The company claims a big share of the cell phone 5 and internet market and promotes its services aggressively.

We’ll take a closer look at the quality of Bezeq internet (including Bezeq fiber) and see how Bezeq's price plans and customer service compare to other telecom companies in Israel. Read on for everything you need to know about Bezeq internet in Israel and whether it’s the right service for you. 

Bezeq - A Quick Overview

Bezeq is one of Israel’s biggest and best-known telecom providers. The Israeli government created the corporation in 1984 to manage and improve the country’s chaotic telephone network. Bezeq grew rapidly, acquiring other businesses and creating effective monopolies on landlines and ADSL internet infrastructure. The company was privatized in 2005 and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange as BEZQ. 

Today in 2022, Bezeq is a powerful telecom giant with an estimated net income of over a billion shekels. Bezeq International and rival Hot are Israel’s two biggest internet service and infrastructure suppliers. 

Is Bezeq Internet any Good?

Bezeq internet in Israel is generally pretty good - at least in terms of internet speed and reliability. Bezeq fiber is excellent; the company’s FTTH (fiber to the home) service can routinely deliver up to 2.5 gbit/s with no peak hour disruption. Bezeq was Israel’s first major internet provider. It has decades of experience, a huge budget, and access to some of the world’s finest engineers and developers.

One of the things that we like about Bezeq is its commitment to research and development and the implementation of new technology. The company can draw on the mass of talent in Israel’s thriving high-tech sector and compares favorably to foreign rivals. It’s fair to say that technical innovation is built into Bezeq’s corporate DNA. 

In terms of infrastructure and service, Bezeq delivers ordinary Israeli consumers a service that stands in comparison with most other developed nations. If you’re a Bezeq client, you will get reliable high-speed internet at a reasonable price. Where Bezeq falls behind major companies in the US, EU, and East Asia, is the quality of its customer service.

Bezeq Fiber 

Fiber optic internet is a game-changer for business and domestic internet users. Fiber optic cables transmit data as high-speed pulses of infrared light. They send huge amounts of information over long distances - and with minimal disruption or interference. Fiber internet is crucial to economic growth and has strong government backing in Israel. 

Bezeq fiber depends on the national fiber-optic infrastructure, which is expanding rapidly. The extension of the Israeli fiber network is a strategic project that aims to cover most of the country within a couple of years. 

  • More than 60% of Israeli households now have access to fiber internet
  • More than 70% of Israelis should have access to fiber internet by 2023
  • Access to fiber internet improves your chances of finding work by up to 13%

Bezeq fiber is already available to over half the population of Israel. If you need to participate in Zoom meetings, stream movies, or enjoy online gaming, Bezeq internet in Israel can easily deliver the bandwidth, speed, and reliability you depend on. 

  • Bezeq Fiber currently offers 6 packages, ranging from 300MB - 2.5 GB per second.
  • An advanced WiFI 6 router delivers improved multiple connections and coverage.
  • Mesh Fiber provides consistently high signals, eliminating blackspots 
  • Bezeq plans to upgrade its fiber with an FTTR (fiber to the room) option

Bezeq internet is good, but dealing with the company can bring headaches, especially if you are an English-speaking Anglo in Israel.

Bezeq Customer Support

An Israeli company that used to be a monopoly, Bezeq is still one of the big beasts of the Israeli telecom industry and is used to having things its way. Bezeq’s size and dominance have clear advantages regarding technology and reach, but it doesn’t attach huge importance to good customer service. 

Israeli companies lag far behind their North American, European, and East Asian counterparts regarding customer service. Israeli call centers are notoriously inefficient and are frustrating to deal with. If Hebrew isn’t your first language, basic issues like Bezeq internet not working, inaccurate billing, moving apartments, or upgrading your internet plan can drain your energy and patience. 

There’s a popular stereotype that Israeli company call centers are either staffed by bored kids waiting to join the IDF, bored kids who have just left the IDF, or bored students working part-time to pay the rent. Working in a call center is usually seen as a temporary job and a convenient way for unqualified people to make a bit above the minimum wage. Customer service roles are not a valued profession in Israel.

Anybody trying to navigate a major corporate call center will probably have encountered a maze of remote queueing, bewildering push-button menus, annoying piped music, and infuriating recorded announcements. When you finally speak to a human being, stand by for a rush of brusque questions and Hebrew jargon. Some customer service reps are genuinely helpful, others have attitudes that would get them fired on the spot in the US. 

Bezeq Customer Service

Bezeq's customer service and support aren’t fundamentally worse than any other major Israeli company or service provider (they are all notoriously bad). Like most of its competitors, Bezeq's customer service appears to be understaffed and has a relatively high turnover of employees. There is an unacceptable waiting time to speak to a customer service rep, and the average rep's attitude and level of training don’t meet US or UK standards. 

Dealing with any customer service call center is a chore that requires a certain amount of patience. In Israel, penetrating the customer service system and getting satisfactory answers - or a simple solution to a problem - can be frustrating. Bezeq internet not working can take an hour of your time when you try to get it fixed. 

One major issue for Anglos in Israel is that all Bezeq contracts, service agreements, and billing are in Hebrew. If you don’t read Hebrew fluently (and aren’t up to speed with technical terms and jargon), it can be very difficult to see exactly what you are paying for - or if there are cheaper options. It’s a widespread problem that covers a whole range of industries. Even native Israelis are frequently overcharged - or unwittingly pay too much - for basic utilities and services. 

What do Anglos in Israel think about using Bezeq? 

Anglos in Israel tend to have very mixed feelings about using Bezeq. The Bezeq site is available in Hebrew and Arabic - but not English. Bezeq customer service reps may or may not speak English with varying fluency and helpfulness or lack thereof. The language barrier and patchy customer service aside, one of the main complaints is that Bezeq is a massive company with a "one size fits all" attitude toward customers. 

Having said the above, Bezeq internet in Israel is generally good - and Bezeq fiber, in particular, is excellent where it’s available. When everything runs smoothly, you’ll have high-speed internet at an affordable price. The wider problems begin when things don’t run smoothly. Even the happiest and most successful Olim occasionally wished they were back in the old country. Dealing with Israeli service providers is invariably one of those moments. 

Most Olim who pay for Bezeq internet or mobile plans is reasonably happy with their deals' terms. They are far less happy with the quality of Bezeq's customer service. Many miss out on upgrades or special offers because they find the call centers off-putting or don’t read the Hebrew newsletters or promotional emails.

Get Bezeq Fiber from an English-Speaking Provider

There is a great solution if you want all the benefits of superfast Bezeq internet, with none of the headaches. You can sign up with TCS, they’ll connect you to Bezeq internet or Bezeq Fiber, and they’ll handle everything for you. As a TCS customer, you can consolidate all your telecom needs - internet, mobile and landline, and TV - in a single package.

Why get Bezeq Fiber with TCS?

The advantage of TCS is that it’s an English-speaking company founded by Olim and focused on providing top-quality telecom services to Anglos in Israel. The customer service reps are all English-speaking Olim, and the TCS website, contracts, and itemized monthly billing are all in English. Crucially for Anglos in Israel, TCS delivers world-class service standards. 

If you suddenly find that your Bezeq internet isn’t working, or there’s another glitch or problem, you can call TCS. Calls during business hours are answered immediately with an average hold time of less than a minute. You’ll talk to a professionally trained customer service rep whose mother tongue is English. It’s a real pleasure to speak to a courteous and helpful professional who will deal with your problem and won’t put you endlessly on hold or bounce you around a switchboard!

TCS customer service staff have the technical understanding, experience, and initiative to find solutions. Although TCS is growing fast, it is still a family business, and the CEO and COO are closely interested in customer relations and customer service. They made Aliyah themselves and understand the issues and frustrations Anglos in Israel face when they have to deal with Hebrew-speaking Israeli customer service. 

I’m already a Bezeq customer - Can I move to TCS?

Yes, we have a close working relationship with Bezeq and other major internet providers in Israel. Contact us today and we’ll transfer your Bezeq account to TCS. Our staff will take care of all the account admin and will also be happy to advise you about cheap mobile plans, landlines, and even HOT and YES TV packages. If you want more than just Bezeq internet, you can consolidate all your telecom plans with TCS and receive a single monthly bill in English.

Is Bezeq Fiber Available in My Area?

If you live in an urban area (including small towns and many settlements), there is an excellent chance that Bezeq Fiber is already available in your area. The government is pushing hard to roll out the national fiber-optic infrastructure, and Israel is leading the way globally! 

Contact us now, and we’ll check whether Bezeq Fiber is available in your area. Don’t worry if it isn’t available yet. We can add you to our priority waiting list and update you as soon as the fiber infrastructure reaches your community. In the meantime, we may be able to upgrade your existing high-speed broadband internet plan.

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