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Internet in Beit Shemesh

Whether you’re already living in Beit Shemesh or are looking to make Aliyah and move there, this article is going to help you understand what internet options Beit Shemesh has to offer and which high-speed internet setup is best for you. We’ll focus on both Beit Shemesh proper and Ramat Beit Shemesh.

We’re focusing here specifically on home internet options. We’ll cover cell phone service in Beit Shemesh in a separate article.

Internet Options in Bet Shemesh 

Getting an internet connection in your Beit Shemesh home is possible through various services. To get internet for your new Israeli home, you need to purchase internet infrastructure and get an internet service provider. 

The good news is most popular service providers offer both options. Also, most of them use digital subscriber lines or DSL to deliver the internet connection.

Here’s how the process goes. 

To start, you need to set up a proper internet infrastructure. People often use phone lines that also include an internet connection. HOT Net (Hot's internet infrastructure name) and Bezeq are two of the most popular such providers in the area. 

However, as a cable television company, HOT Net doesn’t usually offer services in Haredim neighborhoods. Residents from the area don’t use their internet services. The situation is more favorable when it comes to internet connectivity in mixed neighborhoods. 

For phone line setup, you’ll pay a flat fee every month. You can also get a phone number if you wish to make phone calls with the same provider. 

Many companies’ infrastructure can work on mixed routers. For example, HOT Net uses HOT and Bezeq infrastructure. For example, if you get a HOT Net bundle package, you can expect to have Bezeq infrastructure. 

Hot doesn't Service Charedim

If you happen to be living in a Charedi neighborhood, you most likely won't have access to Hot. As a cable television company, HOT Net doesn’t usually offer its services in Charedi neighborhoods. This is because residents from Charedi areas generally use internet services far less.  

Phone Line Setup

For phone line setup, you’ll pay a flat fee every month. You can also get a phone number if you wish to make phone calls with the same provider. 

Many companies’ infrastructure can work on mixed routers. For example, HOT Net uses HOT and Bezeq infrastructure. For example, if you get a HOT Net bundle package, you can expect to have Bezeq infrastructure. 

Getting a Router or Modem 

A company that takes care of your internet infrastructure also supplies a modem or router. This device usually remains their equipment, and you have to return it when you stop using the service. Most companies include the price of the router in the total charge, but with some deals, you’ll have to pay an extra fee. With some providers, you can also buy the device outright. 

Alternative: Get Internet From a Phone Company 

Ultimately, you can get internet services from phone companies in Israel. Many providers offer bundle plans for SIM cards, internet, and more. Popular mobile companies include Partner, Cellcom, Pelephone, TCS Israel, 019 Mobile, and others. 

But more on cell phone internet services in a separate article.

Free Wi-Fi in Beit Shemesh 

Beit Shemesh has more than a few free Wi-Fi stations. If you’ve just arrived and need an internet connection but still don’t have your own plan, you can stay connected for free. 

According to the Wi-Fi Map website, some of the most popular free networks in the city include:

  • Zinman Community Center and Theatre – Simtat Wizo 6 (network name: tal100)
  • Digital Harel – Herzl Street 37 (Bezeq_75233a)
  • Beit Shemesh Pool (levari)
  • Paintball – Jabotinski Street 94 (AZawi)

Free Wi-Fi may be a good first resort when you’re in urgent need of internet, but it’s never a reliable option for long-term usage. If you must use free Wi-Fi in Beit Shemesh, make sure you have a VPN. 

Which Internet Providers Are Available in Beit Shemesh? 

The internet service provider market is huge in Israel, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. If you’ve been in Israel for a while, you may notice that new internet providers appear around every corner. The well-known ones like Hot and Bezeq have long been outnumbered by other players. 

Below is a list of all internet service providers in Beit Shemesh:

  • 012 Smile
  • TCS Telecom
  • Netvision
  • 099 Primo Communications Ltd
  • Bezeq International
  • Cellcom
  • HOT Net
  • Partner 
  • Pelephone
  • Orange Israel 
  • Triple C Cloud Computing 
  • XFone
  • XFone 018 Ltd

Note that some of the companies above may not be available at the moment or may only be available in certain neighborhoods of Beit Shemesh. 

Which Internet Providers Are Available in Ramat Beit Shemesh?

All well-known internet service providers are available in Ramat Beit Shemesh. However, your internet speed can greatly vary depending on the type of contract you get. Companies like TCS Telecom offer fast fiber optical internet with unparalleled speeds. Other popular providers in Ramat Beit Shemesh include Bezeq and HOT Net.

Which Internet Providers Are Available in My Area of Beit Shemesh? 

Bezeq, HOT Net, and TCS Telecom are some of the few companies available in all Beit Shemesh areas. To check which internet provider is available in your area, you’d have to contact each company or check their website. 

Given that most websites are in Hebrew, the research could take a long time. TCS Israel is the only popular company that offers services entirely in English and operates in all of Beit Shemesh. 

How Do They Line Up in Terms of Services and Speed?

As previously mentioned, the Israeli market is packed with internet service providers. However, the most prominent ones we’ll discuss more in detail include Bezeq, HOT Net, Netvision, Partner, and TCS Telecom.

Bezeq offers fiber internet and wireless routers and claims their internet speed can top 100 Mbps. 

HOT Net also offers fiber internet along with a telephone line modem. Their internet speed goes up to 500 Mbps. 

Netvision uses light optic fibers and claims their speed is 10 times faster than other optic fibers. 

Partner has a somewhat lower internet speed on average (up to 400 Mbps), but it’s among the most popular solutions for stand-alone packages.

TCS Telecom offers fiber optic internet that is up to 1,000 times faster than regular cable internet. 

Most mobile phone network providers offer 5G speed in Israel. However, the most popular hotspots for what is currently the fastest connectivity are mostly centered around big cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa. So if you plan on using mobile companies as your main internet source, you may want to reconsider that decision.

What Are People Saying About the Service?

Most reviews about the country’s most popular internet providers are in Hebrew. Locals who have been in the country for decades praise the high internet speeds and relatively good value for money. 

However, people who have just arrived in Israel need help to get their questions answered and communicate with customer support. This is the main complaint newly arrived Olim have about mainstream internet providers. Sure, there’s always a chance to get an English-speaking customer support specialist at Bezeq, HOT Net, or Cellcom. However, the reality is that it’s rare. 

Unless you sign up with English-first companies like TCS Telecom, you can expect some delays and challenges due to communication difficulties. 

Why, if You’re an Anglo, You May Want to Consider TCS Israel for Your Home Internet Services

Anglos in Israel often need help with home services. Learning Hebrew takes time, and securing a stable internet in your new home can’t wait. Despite the high-quality service and relatively fast internet speeds, the most popular providers primarily target local Hebrew speakers. 

Their websites and customer support are made to answer questions and provide solutions in Hebrew. As a recent Olim, many Anglos find this a bit overwhelming. There are numerous cases of customers who get headaches every time they need to get in touch with their internet service provider. 

We know that making Aliyah is challenging enough. You don’t have to make it even more difficult by committing to an internet provider that literally can’t understand your needs. 

TCS Israel offers English-first internet services for Anglos and newcomers. TCS Israel pairs with the best providers in the country to offer customers lightning-fast internet speeds. As previously mentioned, TCS Israel’s fiber optic internet is up to 1,000 times faster than regular cable internet. 

If internet technologies are all Greek to you, here’s a short overview of how fiber internet works.

Fiber Internet – What Is It and Why You Need It

Fiber optic internet or simply fiber optic is a type of connection that can reach up to 950 Mbps of speed with minimal lag time. The technology behind this internet type runs on fiber optic cables that can send data at 70% of the speed of light. 

Fiber optic cables can withstand severe weather conditions and minimize outage time. Fiber internet is now present in almost all areas of Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh.

 Fiber internet is for you if you want to:

  • Seamlessly upload and download files online. 
  • Have a lag-free gaming or video chatting experience with friends and family. 
  • Back up large files to your cloud account in an instant. 

Fiber options in Israel are still limited, but providers like HOT Net and TCS Telecom have got you covered. If you want the fastest internet in Beit Shemesh, then don’t miss out on fiber internet.

Looking for the Fastest Internet Provider? Give TCS Israel a Try

Securing a fast and reliable internet connection is essential for every newly arrived Oleh. If you live in Beit Shemesh, you can choose from a range of service providers. The main problem with the mainstream ones is their lack of support in English.

However, TCS Israel is a solution that fits the bill. TCS representatives are native English speakers and will guide you through the process of getting the fastest internet available in your area. TCS boasts the fastest-responding customer support in English in Israel. So if you’re looking for robust service but still haven’t mastered your Hebrew, TCS Israel is the company for you. 

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