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Exploring VoIP Solutions for English Speakers in Israel

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a revolutionary technology that allows you to make voice calls using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. These voice calls can be long-distance yet remain relatively affordable, which makes VoIP ideal for expats. 

Affordable long-distance calls are just one of the advantages of using VoIP in Israel. Discover why English speakers in Israel should embrace this technology and how they can find the perfect VoIP provider.

VoIP in Israel: 101

Whether you’ve just made Aliyah or are considering this move, you probably have many questions regarding telecommunication services in Israel. After all, there is little that’s more important than staying connected to your family and friends back home while you’re navigating your new life in a new country. Here’s some essential information regarding VoIP in Israel.

Why Should English Speakers in Israel Consider Using VoIP Solutions?

VoIP solutions allow Anglos living in Israel to maintain a strong connection to their former country of residence, regardless of which Israeli city they move to. With the advent of Fiber internet and improvement in internet connections Voice calls using VoIP technology can offer the same level of quality (sometimes even better) and come at a fraction of the cost of traditional calls.

The Advantages of VoIP for Anglos Living in Israel

Picture this – you’ve just moved to another country and are still finding your footing. Setting up telecommunication services is paramount to living and working in this new country, but this task isn’t always a breeze. To make matters worse, most telecommunication providers don’t speak the same language as you.

This is precisely how most Anglos living in Israel feel after making Aliyah. In such a confusing situation, they would ordinarily want to consider a solution based on three priorities: 

  1. reliability
  2. ease of use
  3. cost-effectiveness 

VoIP solutions check all three of these boxes and much more (assuming a reliable internet connection). 

Here’s why Anglos living in Israel shouldn’t think twice about getting this technology.


VoIP solutions are typically significantly more affordable than traditional systems, even when making international calls. Since calls made through this technology are transmitted over the internet, you can bid farewell to exorbitant international call charges often associated with calling abroad from Israel. This means you can keep in touch with your friends and family back home—be it in the U.S., the U.K., or South Africa—without worrying about your monthly phone bill.

Improved Call Quality

As anyone familiar with international calling can tell you, traditional phone service lines in Israel and beyond are susceptible to time lags and noise issues, this can happen locally but is especially true when making long-distance calls. Provided your connection is configured correctly, and your internet is fast enough, you won’t have to deal with these frustrating experiences when using VoIP services. Both the audio and video quality of your calls will be unmatched.

Ease of Use

VoIP solutions are easy to set up and use, whether you employ them in your residence or business. Anglos looking to start a business in Israel will be particularly fond of these solutions, as they don’t require multiple extensions for international calls and offer cost-effective communication options.


With VoIP technology, you aren’t tied to a physical location. In other words, you can make calls from virtually anywhere, using the device of your choice (a smartphone, a laptop, etc.). This flexibility particularly benefits Anglos working remotely or often traveling across Israel.


You’re probably already familiar with this unfortunate scenario all too well – a storm hits, or there’s a line interference issue, and your phone line is dead. Luckily, VoIP systems aren’t as susceptible to outside factors, as internet lines are often located underground which makes them less likely to experience service interruptions.

Additional Features

Some VoIP providers offer additional features that aren’t available with traditional phone lines. These include taking calls on your laptop, recording online calls, and using video conferencing. All of those features are not only cool, but they also come in handy more often than you’d think. 


This advantage of VoIP technology will primarily appeal to Anglos looking to start businesses in Israel. VoIP systems are significantly more scalable than traditional landlines, allowing them to grow as your business expands. Adding a new phone line to an established VoIP system takes virtually no time.

Are There Any Regulatory Considerations or Restrictions Related to VoIP Usage in Israel?

Are There Any Regulatory Considerations or Restrictions Related to VoIP Usage in Israel TCS Israel

Despite its many advantages, VoIP technology is still blocked in certain countries worldwide, primarily out of security concerns. Although the Ministry of Communications has had a turbulent relationship with this technology, VoIP is now allowed and widely used across Israel.

The Ministry only requires VoIP providers to obtain licenses before offering services and distributing virtual numbers. Since these licenses are typically costly and challenging to obtain, you can rest assured your chosen provider will offer VoIP services of superior quality.

The Ministry of Communications also offers guidelines on protecting VoIP systems from cyberattacks. Follow these guidelines, and you should have no issues with the security and durability of your VoIP infrastructure. 

What Are the Recommended Equipment and Internet Requirements for Using VoIP in Israel?

You need three things to set up a VoIP line in Israel: a reliable internet connection, a router, and a phone adaptor from your VoIP provider.

You’ll need a high-speed internet connection for VoIP technology to operate at peak level. Most broadband connections in Israel should do the trick, but few can compare to the speed and reliability of fiber internet. The faster your internet is, the better call quality with VoIP technology, so consider investing in a robust internet package.

As for the router, it should be high-quality and preferably support Quality of Service (QoS) settings. The latter feature will allow you to prioritize VoIP traffic, ensuring consistent call quality.

The final puzzle piece—the phone adaptor—transforms a traditional phone into a VoIP-enabled device. With this handy piece of equipment, you can use your phone the same way you’ve always used it, yet enjoy the benefits of VoIP technology. 

Can VoIP Solutions Be Integrated With Other Communication Tools?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. VoIP solutions can be seamlessly integrated with most communication tools commonly used by Anglos in Israel. In fact, the ease of integration is one of the primary reasons individuals and businesses alike prefer VoIP solutions over traditional landline phones.

VoIP essentially consolidates all the communication technologies into a unified system. In this system, you can own a virtual phone number, use numerous video or text-based communication apps, and make calls using multiple devices. 

The Best VoIP Providers in Israel

The Best VoIP Providers in Israel TCS Israel

The Israeli telecom industry has been at the forefront of pioneering developments of VoIP technology for years. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that Anglos living in Israel have no shortage of reliable VoIP providers at their disposal.

When looking for a VoIP provider in Israel, you’ll find numerous companies specializing in VoIP solutions from a technical standpoint, such as PalTech and EuroTech. We suggest going with an internet service provider (ISP) offering these solutions, as this approach allows easier integration with your remaining telecom services.

The best VoIP providers in Israel among the ISPs include Partner, Bezeq International, and TCS Telecom. These telecom companies offer attractive packages that include internet service and VoIP capabilities. 

What Are the Key Features and Functionalities Offered by VoIP Providers in Israel?

VoIP providers in Israel offer numerous helpful features and functionalities to their users. 

Here are the ones that make all the difference for an Anglo living in Israel.

Hassle-Free International Calls

Israel isn’t exactly known for affordable international calling rates. Fortunately, VoIP providers are here to rectify this with competitive rates to numerous countries worldwide, including English-speaking ones.

A Convenient Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number or DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number allows you to obtain a number set in your former country of residence. Why does this matter? This approach to international calls allows you to maintain easier and more affordable communication with friends, family, and business partners. Plus, a virtual number lets you receive calls on any internet-connected device, making communication infinitely more convenient and flexible.

Efficient Call Management

One of the primary goals of any efficient VoIP provider in Israel is to enhance your overall communication and streamline call routing. With additional features like call forwarding and call recording, you’ll never miss an important call to your Israeli residence. 

Which VoIP Providers in Israel Offer English-Language Support and Customer Service?

Which VoIP Providers in Israel Offer English-Language Support and Customer Service TCS Israel

Anglos living in Israel face a lot of telecommunication challenges. Due to a lack of English-speaking customer service, they often struggle with setting up telecom channels, obtaining accurate information about service plans and billing, and effectively communicating their needs to their chosen provider.

Luckily, TCS Telecom offers English-language support and customer service, effectively eliminating all of these challenges. This company was founded by Olim for Olim and is run by Anglos, making it the perfect choice for Anglos struggling to navigate the Israeli telecommunication landscape.

Entrust TCS Telecom With Your Telecommunication Needs

TCS Telecom can become your one-stop shop for all things telecom while living in Israel. You can use the company to set up internet access, purchase a mobile plan, install a landline, and even obtain TV services. Or, you can do everything at once with our handy bundles.

VoIP services, especially virtual numbers, are included in our high-quality packages. For instance, get the Platinum SIM  or Gold landline plan and enjoy unlimited international calls with a free virtual number.

Get in touch with our friendly (and English-speaking) customer service team to learn more and start experiencing the benefits of VoIP technology firsthand.

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