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Telecom Challenges that Anglos Living in Israel Face: Solutions and Workarounds

With limited English-language customer support, online content, and devices, navigating the telecom landscape in Israel can be nothing short of a nightmare. You might be determined to overcome these challenges by learning Hebrew. While this is certainly a goal you should strive for, it has an inherent flaw. What will you do until then?  The

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Internet in Beit Shemesh

Whether you’re already living in Beit Shemesh or are looking to make Aliyah and move there, this article is going to help you understand what internet options Beit Shemesh has to offer and which high-speed internet setup is best for you. We’ll focus on both Beit Shemesh proper and Ramat Beit Shemesh. We’re focusing here

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Cell Phone Service in Jerusalem

Newly-arrived Olim in the Holy City have many things on their to-do lists, and finding a reliable cell phone carrier is certainly one of them. Israel has several mobile carrier companies that offer affordable packages. But how well do their services work? This article looks at the performance of different carriers in Jerusalem and seeks

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Best Online Collaboration Tools for 2022

Work Better Online Good teamwork is essential for the success of any joint project. When you’re working online, you need the best tools to keep your team communicating, share data, and manage tasks. Projects that require teamwork and communication aren’t just limited to the office. If you’re planning a family event, renovating your apartment, or

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The Hybrid Workplace

The enforced lockdowns that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic transformed how many of us work. Companies whose workforces were confined to their homes had to adapt to the new reality fast. Working from home became the norm for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The only tools that most homeworkers needed were a computer, telephone, and

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5 Best Laptops For Remote Work in 2022

If you’re working at home, the chances are that you’ll need a laptop. It’s arguably the single most important work tool that you’ll ever use, but most of us don’t make informed decisions when we buy laptops for remote work. If you work in a profession that has specialist computer requirements like graphic design, video

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